Expo Milano 2015: the perfect opportunity for China to start investing in Italy

Expo Milano 2015 gets started on May 1 and continues until October 31. The exposition site, which covers one million square metres on the western outskirts of Milan (in the Municipality of Rho), will remain open every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

There will be 54 pavilions managed autonomously by individual countries to valorise the tradition of their own food culture, to which an additional seven companies and associations will be added; there will be nine themed clusters that include countries that share a similar agricultural identity (from coffee to cereals, chocolate to rice and more); lastly, there will be four themed pavilions, the Zero Pavilion, the Future Food District, the Children’s Park and the Biodiversity Pavilion. The Palazzo Italia will be the heart of the Expo: the large exposition area is made up of polyhedral shapes that fit into each other.


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M&A’s in Luxury? Italian brands the victims of the last 20 years

A definition of luxury comes from Euromonitor delimiting it to 75 large companies present in different areas, for a total revenues of $ 200 billion, with an average figure of 2,3mld and with smaller companies that bill around 200 million.

The first ten companies of this list account for 55% of the totality of the brands; all luxury companies except for Chanel are included in the list. LVMH is the biggest with a value of 21 billion dollars. Italy is only represented by Luxottica taking the fourth place on the list. The second position is taken by the Swiss Richemont, followed by Estée Lauder, ending finally with Swatch Group and Kering.

Since 2000, the process of M&A’s are driven by three factors: globalization of the brand, vertical integration, consolidation to achieve economies of scale.

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A great opportunity: make-up for men


In recent years the masculine gender is getting closer to the female one in look, lifestyle and treatments that contemporaneous men give themselves. In this sense, the sector that has the highest potential is cosmetics. Men today spend on average as much as the gentle sex and in some countries like UK even more. Continue reading “A great opportunity: make-up for men”

Food and Fashion by E. Marinella

In the last years fashion brands have largely exploited the relationship with food.
Today I will talk about E. Marinella, who will make the official tie for the Expo 2015. The Neapolitan brand has been chosen for designing the tie that will be given to the authorities and the representatives of the participant countries as a symbol of the Italian taste.
“Being chosen as official supplier of a worldwide event such as Expo is for us a great honour and reason of national pride, but also of great responsibility. With our ties we spread Italian taste, culture and style in the world”, says Maurizio Marinella, CEO of the company and nephew of the founder.


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Brunello Cucinelli and the Renaissance of Manufacturing

Friday the 20th of March, a particular business interview took place in one of the most beautiful buildings of Vicenza. In the context of the Festival Città Impresa, Brunello Cucinelli was invited to talk with Stefano Micelli about his entrepreneurial vision at the palladian Olimpic Theatre.


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Kiton’s woman: back to the 70’s in a Tamara de Lempicka mood.

“Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté”

These lines from Invitation au voyage by Charles Baudelaire summarize the mood of Kiton’s presentation of the woman collection at the fashion week in Milan.
The 28th of February, in via Pontaccio 21 at Palazzo Kiton, three coloured theme rooms introduced the palette of the collection: green, blue and spicy orange. In these rooms, models were sitting on sofas and looking around, acting as spectators more than protagonists. Kiton’s woman looks like a woman of Tamara de Lempicka painting, elegant and voluptuous, set in the 70’s described as the most appreciated years from the brand.

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Fashion&Food @mmfw2015, why not?

People passionate with fashion and food know that from the 2013, during the Milano Woman Fashion Weeks #MWFW, you can find a great culinary event called “Good Food in Good Fashion”.


This event is promoted by the Association Maestro Martino (project named by the creative renaissance chef of the Duchy of Milan) in collaboration with EXPO2015 and during these weeks you can find a series of aperitifs based on local products in the most prestigious 5-star hotels in Milan. The Event is open to the public and it costs around 20 Euro.

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I want to dedicate this post to the brand which opened the Milan’s men fashion week, Dsquared. The brand celebrated its 20 years anniversary with an amazing show-party in the Hangar Bicocca contemporary art gallery. The two Canadian twins, Dean and Dan Caten, who founded in 1995 one of the coolest and stylish brands in the fashion industry, were able to grow really fast and smart, making their brand image stronger through the years.
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