The new frontier of remastered cars

By Federica Pesci

Have you ever tried to drive an old luxury car? You can still feel the old charm, the power of the engine and savour the time that seems never to have passed. Everything appears perfect, but actually, it is not. In fact, the comfort that we are used to in new cars, even the basic ones, cannot be experienced in the old vehicles. We all know that this “lack” is part of the thrill that the car can give you, but what if I tell you that you can have a perfect classic car but with all the amenities that you could wish for?

Here’s an introduction to the new concept of remastered cars, and as an example, we’ve chosen the unique Mini Remastered, re-designed by David Brown Automotive (DBA).

This luxurious machine comes in two versions: one inspired by Monte Carlo, and the other one by Cafè Racers. The engine is the only difference between the two variants. The first model has a 90cv 1310cc, whereas the second one has 75cv 1275cc. The company affirms that it increased the power of the engine by 30%, compared to the original car, so it was possible to add a five-speed transmission in order to encourage the driver to push the car to the limits.

The interior offers every type of modern comfort and is all handcrafted. We can find a 7″ touchscreen display with Bluetooth, that can be connected with Apple Play and Android (and obviously climate and modern infotainment). All the details have been studied and nothing was left to chance. The upholstery is all made of British-sourced leather, while the gearshift and the steering wheel are made of an elegant and palpable aluminium.

Inspired by Cafe Racers Interior

The exteriors respect the old, classic style of the car, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, but with a minimum modern touch. In order to improve the performance of the vehicle, the company boosts the brakes and the suspension, and, of course, increased the structural integrity.

The precision in the manufacturing is noticeable in the trims, in the paint process, which takes four weeks, and also in the quality of the badges, which are applied handcrafted with traditional techniques.

The LED lights integrated on the wing mirrors and on the rear follow the style of David Brown Automotive, adding both functionality and distinctiveness.

With the aim of creating a unique car for you as much as possible, DBA provides fourteen colours for the body, three for the roof and six for the interior leather. If you want to customise it more, you can also decide to change the tint and the design of the rims with four different shades.

In order to create this lavish car, DBA says they took over 1,000 man hours. Probably, this is the reason why only 25 pieces for each version are available.

Limited Edition Plaque

Despite the high quality of the design and construction of the car, the price is still really affordable.

You could have this modern and, at the same time, classy car for $70,000, and speed away to reach the horizon.

The sustainable future of a roaring engine

Say goodbye to roaring engines, the smell of gasoline and gas station stops, because the future is green.

Sustainability is one of the fastest growing trends of recent years.

Even though luxury is a sector that is traditionally distant from values like environmental respect, it has become one of the most reactive to pollution-related issues.

That’s why many automotive brands are shifting from traditional Internal Combustion engines to hybrid and electric technologies.

Also, do not forget the new standards and laws concerning Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This new green trend is led mainly by companies like Tesla that made sustainability their ensign. Studies and surveys confirm that new technologies are the key trends expected to boom in the next ten years.

Anyway, sustainability tests and new infrastracture requires big investments and a lot of time, that’s why the more traditional Internal Combustion powertrain technologies are still considered as the most feasable at the moment.

Alongside brands like Toyota, Lexus and BMW, other big players are moving in this new market.imageshandler

Have you ever thought of an hybrid Maserati or Porsche? What about an hybrid Ferrari?

Some of these are just rumors, some of them are real projects ready to come to life.

So prepare yourself and get ready to embrace the green power of sustainability. It will certainly become a thing.

Giulia Ferretti

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Harvard Business Review

From riches to rags: Chronicles of long-lost brands

What comes to your mind if I say “Lancia”? Nowadays most of the people associate this brand with small cars and low market segmentation.

Would you believe me if I told you that in 1955 the Lancia Aurelia b24 would cost up to $5475 (equivalent of the current 52.104 euro)? It was the first model of the brand launched in the US market and it cost more than a Porsche or a Jaguar. For those years it was a huge amount of money.

And what if I told you that the same car was is now valued at  $1.400.000 (1.633.167 euro)? So, what happened? What caused the crisis that led non only Lancia, but many other luxury car brands into failure?

lancia-aurelia-19551955 Lancia Aurelia B24 S Spider America by Pinin Farina

The slow brand decay was mainly dictated by financial and administration problems. The pressure of foreign competitors and the lack of resources to invest in technology resulted into a crisis from which the brand couldn’t re-emerge. The recent attempt of branding Chrysler cars with the Lancia logo caused a breaking point with the Lancia heritage and DNA.

As Lancia partent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne said: “Lancia will be a brand only for the Italian market. The brand is dead and it will hardly go back to its past image and glory. We will invest only in the Y model, focusing on sustainability. The brand has no appeal in the foreign countries. We have to abandon the idea of Lancia becoming great again.”

Production statistics show a decrease of production and sales during the ‘90s and the World Wars.

As for the ’90s, the reasons are wrong financial administration and the exit from the international racing world (causing disappointment and negative perception of the brand).

The World Wars have strongly compromised the automotive sector, with huge consequences not only for Lancia, but also for other brands such as Isotta Fraschini.

During those years, in order to survive, many car companies abandoned their core production and started creating trucks and aircraft engines. Also, several bombings destroyed factories and warehouses, making the recovery even harder.

If Lancia succeeded in relaunching its activity with new models that made history, Isotta Fraschini was not able to manage the many financial issues.

Even though the company was characterised by supreme quality, at the end of the WWII the requests for aircraft components were not many enough to support the project of a prestigious relaunch of the brand. Furthermore, after the war the potential clients for such expensive cars were really few.

After almost 50 years of glorious activity, Isotta Fraschini stopped production in 1949.

isotta-fraschini-19301930 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8AS Bottail Cabriolet

In the mid ‘90s, thanks to investors and government funding, the brand tried to relaunch two models of cars (named T8 and T12) using respectively Audi and Ford engines.

The project was a total failure and was completely abandoned in 1999.

What remains of the brand is a new company, the Isotta Fraschini Milano. No other cars were produced and the main goal of the new company is to preserve the memory and to spread the allure of a glorious past.

Iso Rivolta is a brand founded in 1939. Someone of you may know the Isetta, the iconic egg shaped car that inspired the production of analogous microcar in Germany, France and Brazil (respectively under the brands BMW, VELAM and Romi).

Later on, Iso Rivolta changed its strategy and started the production of grand tourer cars.

The brand failed in 1974.

Why? For two main reasons: the 1973 oil crisis and stronger competitors.

An agreement with Philip Morris attempted to introduce Iso Rivolta to the Formula 1 competitions. Anyway, it was impossible for the brand to face the huge operating costs.

iso-grifo-19651965 Iso Grifo A3/C Stradale

These are just short analysis of what caused the decay of brands that used to be prestigious, luxurious and exclusive.

Isn’t it such a shame that pages of Italian automotive heritage are getting lost? Is it really that hard (or impossible) to invest in brands with great heritage, history, iconic and identitary features?

Foreign automotive groups recognise these values and are willing to spend millions for brands like these.

Going back to Lancia, in 2016 the Y model performed surprisingly well, selling +13.25%. With a quote of 13.8% it’s the most sold car of the B segment.

It’s too hard to predict what the future of the brand will be. A potential failure would destroy it for sure. However, strong and well planned investments could bring Lancia back to the old splendour.

Personally, I’d love to see the Blue Badge rock again.

Giulia Ferretti


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A Gentlement’s Night” took place last April, 11.

Every year, in April, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone celebrate for one week the Design World. This one-week event is known as the most important international home design exhibition attended by 310,000 visitors, design professionals and enthusiasts.

This is the time during which parties and events proliferate all around and the city of Milan is the most effervescent place-to-be. and you can experience parties, cocktails in shops, private palazzi, yards and dedicated open-house events.

The Sacs Marine event was organized in one of the most interesting area of Milan, i.e. the Parco Sempione area by The Savile Company, made-to-measure products dedicated to the new gentleman.

The event aims to celebrate the partnership between Sacs and Coppoletta Design.

SACS is a Milanese leading company at an international level in the production and marketing of rigid inflatable boats for pleasure cruising.

Coppoletta Design results in a work that reflects the founder’s tattooing heritage, but arrives in new areas within the art and design world and lends itself to a wide range of applications within branding, product design, printed media, and beyond.

Two worlds apparently very different but which meet to creat SBO, that is Sacs Bespoke Operations. A department specialised in one-off planning and creation for demanding shipowners. The first fruit of this collaboration is A unique customization, like a tattoo: tender customization.


The first sample is already on water: a Strider 11 (9.90 m) which can reach 54 knots. It’s a tender owned by The Savile Company.

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Lewis Hamilton: the alpha male

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, better known as Lewis Hamilton, the three times Formula One World Champion (2008, 2014, 2015) and just awarded Sportsman of the Year , has become an influencing personality not only in the world of engine and cars, but also in the fashion world.
Lewis fits perfectly the new generation alpha male: with his story and his life, he is the flawless source of inspiration for successful people, who wants to chase with lots of passion, dedication and determination his or her dreams.
He is a legend, a champion, the fastest pilot in the world, the perfect portrait that embodies an absolute determination to be on top in everything he does: the quintessential example for both men and women.

“Dare to be the greatest. Inspire, spread love, and live every day to the fullest.”

This is his motto, the recommendation and the advice that he gives to millions of fans who follow  him on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat where Lewis is very active.
Very often criticized for his lifestyle too much daring and eventful for a F1 driver, he is always more and more involved in the fashion and luxurious world:
since he is very passionate of watches he is testimonial of IWC Schaffhausen (unique and high performance Swiss watches) since 2013, he is also the exceptional testimonial for an Italian moto brand the MV Agusta, here in these pictures and in the video you can watch the limited edition MV Agusta Dragster RR LH44.

The German luxury fashion company Hugo Boss has dedicated an entire line to the stable, the “HUGO BOSS for Merced-Benz collection” where Lewis is the undisputed key player.
The Merces AGM Petronas sponsor Bose who “share a similar heritage, built on the principals of innovation, technology and design excellence” decided to create a personal soundtrack for Hamilton, based on real sounds of the Mercedes AGM Petronas Formula 1 Team. It’s pretty clear that music is one of the most important thing for Lewis, a fundamental component of his life, an escape from the daily routine.

Recently this year, after having saw him taking part to all the most fashion events, such as the Fashion Weeks, he became the new face of l’Oréal Paris Men Expert.
“The world’s fastest driver, Lewis Hamilton has become a legend. He likes taking risks, on the track and in his style. As the new Alpha Male by definition, he’s the ideal match for Men Expert. Modern, he’s a leader for a new generation of men for whom masculinity doesn’t mean macho – it means masculine,” said Cyril Chapuy, L’Oréal Paris Brand Global President.

“In my world, success is down to focus and efficiency. L’Oréal Men Expert has the same philosophy – and their high-tech products are made for men like me. I don’t want to waste a second and I’m used to getting the result I want. I’m proud to join the L’Oréal Men Expert club,” said Hamilton.


Maserati first SUV!

On the 20th of February Maserati announced through official pictures the external body of the new vehicle of their product line. It won’t be particularly in line with the existing range of saloon and sports cars of Maserati, such as Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo and GranCabrio, that everybody is expecting to see. This is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), similar to Kubang, a car concept that was already presented by the company in the 2011 but never produced. At that time this notice shocked all the Maserati lovers that started to wait for this epic moment to come. Five years later Maserati Levante is here!



After more than 100 years Maserati develops its offer, adding to the luxury collection its first SUV, Levante. This new concept of Maserati is going to be an important and big step into the future for the modenese company and this launch represent a very significant moment in the history of Maserati. Lines and design embodied Maserati values and origins. Levante is created to guaranteed and combine the outstanding on-road performances, typical for every Maserati, with the amazing handling also on low-slip superficies with comfort and high performances off-road. Physical aspects as the aggressive front, the tridents on the side and the emblematic three air vents on the front wings are inevitable and are the signature of the astonishing Italian design. The Levante is provided with both diesel and petrol engines that are all Euro6-compliant.

Maserati Levante building and assembly are all Made in Italy in Turin at the Mirafiori plant, where the first cars have already came off the assembly line. On the 1st of March Maserati will unveil this amazing project at the Genève Motor Show and it is going to be sold in spring for European countries, and then all around the globe.



#MBFW 2016

Innovation, tradition and design: what are we talMB-photo-Obsession-with-an-Icon-MBFWB-2016-model-945x679.jpgking about?

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has become a fixture in the international fashion calendar, giving new talents the big and unique opportunity to show their collection on important catwalks to a global audience.

Mercedes-Benz, that has been an official partner of fashion week events all over the world for more then twenty years, proudly presented its 18th Fashion Week last January, that provides a great platform of industry opportunities and relationships for the new generation of emerging designers.

mercedes-benz_fashion_week_istanbul_aw15_notjustalabel_1963333245Even though it is held twice a year, in March and October, like the most known fashion weeks in the world, the MBFW is not held neither in Paris, or Milan, or London but in potential future fashion capitals, in those countries with an high
GDP, an insignificant unemployment rate and last but not least an high GNH (Gross National Happiness) due to an excellent life-work balance.

Every year Mercedes-Benz select different destinations to stage the coming fashion shows in collaboration with IMG Fashion, “the world’s leading producer, marketer and partner to the international fashion community. Its various properties, consisting of industry fashion weeks, governing association partnerships, designer discovery platforms and consumer focused festivals, open the gateway to Style, Innovation and Trends.
IMG Fashion’s presence is felt in established and emerging fashion capitals across the globe including Berlin, Istanbul, London, Mumbai, Miami, Milan, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Zurich. With a focus on spotlighting these stylish destinations and its local talent, IMG Fashion aims to inspire, showcase and unite fashion’s key creators, communicators and consumers.”1photo_1436374238_931.jpg_43_0_1156.6_290.jpg

Since its nationality, it has been 18 years that Mercedes-Benz favors Berlin as fixed location and starting point for the fahion year.
Instanbul is also another destination: Turkey is a growing country and this event will increase the domestic awareness and the global presence of Turkey design, highlighting its culture and its sophisticated glamour.



Save the date for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz events:

The World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada (21st-25th March)
The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sidney, Australia (15th-21st May)


Maserati “The absoulte opposite of ordinary”


No pay off has never been more appropriate than the Maserati one. The year 2014 was indeed “The absolute opposite of ordinary”, in fact it was not only the 100th year anniversary since the historical trident was founded, but it was also an extraordinary year in terms of sale.

For Maserati, 2014 has recorded the highest amount of sales, selling worldwide 36.500 cars, recording a growth of the request equal to 137% compared to the previous year, and six times higher than in 2012.

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The Luxury Riders: analysis about the perception of Made in Italy abroad

“The Luxury Riders” is the final result of our team research about Made in Italy perception abroad.

We decided to focus on italian motors through three different case histories: the ones we chose are Moto Guzzi for motorbikes, Riva for boats and Lamborghini for cars. We referred to many online sources, including official company websites, videos and testimonials in order to understand these companies in details, their history and how they are perceived. We went through some problems since we couldn’t find some statistics and there was some inconsistency in the data, due to lack of verified information but in the end we managed to have a general idea about how Made in Italy perception on motors is.

The main shared opinions about these companies and their products are positive: people love their uniqueness and exclusivity, their strong heritage that is reflected in the quality and personality of products, their advanced technology that provides the best experience for their customers, and their class and elegance that makes them so outstanding, special, famous and loved around the globe.

People also have a great desire for a high level of craftmanship and particular attention to details that are the main features of Made in Italy heritage and this is well achieved through these products, since they are prestigious and perceived as a status symbol.

Then the other important element to highlight is the customization aspect of this product: people are more interested in customization nowadays because it makes them feel special and close to the brand. Moreover, it gives them the option to customize the product that best suits their personality.

We discovered that these products are so well perceived that sometimes they are more popular abroad than in Italy, like Lamborghini and that’s the results of all the effort and hard work put in these products, which make them so special and creates a strong emotional impact.

Team members:

Fabiana Allinio, Fardin Ataie, Ilaria Diotallevi, Giulia Laudani, Linda Pittis

Here is our presentation in PDF Made in Italy.