Life is brewtiful: The rise of the Coffee Connoisseur

Standing at the bar in an Italian coffee shop in Milan, I overhear two women to my left discussing the superior quality of Italian espresso over the classical filter coffee they are used to at home. They are tourists and clearly very taken with the Italian coffee culture. They are describing the coffee as being “rich,” “full-bodied” with “hints of caramel.” We have become accustomed in recent years to describing coffee much the same way we would a glass of wine. We use the language of oenology, talking about the aroma, the body, even the colour. We carefully choose between different roasts, different kinds if beans and indulgently sip our lavishly brewed and carefully chosen cup of coffee instead of downing it in one gulp.

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Dior: Designer of Dreams – continuing the conversation

By Miranda Bud

The date is February 12th 1947, the location is 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, and Christian Dior has just unveiled his new collection. Little did he know then that it was to be the beginning of a new era in fashion and the basis for a brand that would become internationally renowned and adored. 

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Picasso and the Minotaur

By Miranda Bud


What do Picasso and the Minotaur have in common? At first glance you may say nothing, however the exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan will show you otherwise. The exhibition aims to highlight the way in which Picasso was deeply inspired throughout his life by the stories of metamorphosis. The exhibition is a good way to experience art and brush up on some ancient mythology, and who doesn’t love nymphs and satyrs?

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