How can luxury brands engage Gen Z? Chanel has a new idea

Nowadays Millennials are no longer the “favorite child” of luxury brands, because  Generation Z is becoming the spending force to be reckoned with. Mllennials and Generation Z represented around 30% of the luxury goods market in 2016, and they will grow over 40% by 2025 especially due to the financial maturity of today’s Gen Z’ers, according to a study by  Deloitte. 

So, how can luxury brands engage Millennials and expecially Gen Z consumers? Continue reading “How can luxury brands engage Gen Z? Chanel has a new idea”

Newest fine dining experiences: itinerant restaurants

Nowadays we are all surrounded by a lot of very good restaurants and sometimes it can be difficult to choose which we want to try. So… “How to make them different?”.

A new trend, especially popular with Millennials, is going to a restaurant also because it looks great on Instagram. People are crazy about posting their lives, and food is one of the most-photographed things. So restaurateurs try to impress their customers by focusing on the presentation of the dishes, the furnishing of the location, and by proposing extravagant alternatives.

In this article, I want to show you 3 examples of restaurants that had the unusual idea to combine sightseeing with fine dining. Continue reading “Newest fine dining experiences: itinerant restaurants”