4 places where groceries meet luxury

Imagine you are in between fashion shows during Fashion Week (either Paris or London) and you are super hungry. What’s better than a visit to a luxury food store to clear the mind? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a take-away ready meal prepared by expert chefs and artisans, accompanied by a bottle of good wine?

Here there are the most famous high-end grocery stores in the four main fashion cities: Milano, London, Paris and New York City. 


In 1883, Francesco Peck decided to open a butcher shop in Via Orefici 2 in Milan, which at that time was already seen as the economic capital of Italy. The shop became the main supplier for Italy’s Royal Family as well as the most important families of the Milanese elite. After many renovations and relocations, in 1956 Peck moved to its current spot in via Spadari, and became the first choice for people working in offices in the center of Milan.  In fact, offering lots of ready-made meals and gourmet panini to eat at the counter of the store, Peck made people leave the company canteen and have a more delightful lunch. Nowadays Peck offers an incredible range of high end products: from raw to ready-made meals, from gastronomic treats like meat, salami, cheese, bread to pastry and a big wine cellar. The store has really anything you can ask for.

In 2013 Peck was bought by the Marzotto family and today is still in line with the times,  and is still a symbol of the city of Milan.

Peck is located in via Spadari 9, Milan.



Fortnum & Mason

Founded in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, this luxury department store has been a landmark in the city of London for more than 300 years. From its beginning, F&M’s reputation was based on fine food such as chocolate, coffee and tea, but also,  most importantly, on the famous Scottish eggs. According to legend, these eggs were created by Fortnum and Mason themselves as a ready-made meal for people who wanted to have a comfy food.

Tea collections are maybe the best-selling items in the store, with prices that go from £5 to above £50. They are in fact very delicious in terms of taste and pretty outside, with beautiful packaging and full of color. The hamper is another icon of this London grocery store: a sort of basket full of fine food, gifts, wine and delights seen as a nice gift for the holidays like Easter, Christmas or even Mother’s Day. In this case prices for the hampers vary depending on what kind of food and wine are inside, going above £400 for most expensive ones.

You can find the original Fortnum & Mason store in 181 Piccadilly, London.



La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Owned by LVMH, la Grande Épicerie de Paris is housed inside the Bon Marché Rive Gauche, an historic department store founded in 1839 by Aristide Boucicaut.

Nowadays it is a great spot to do a bit of high-end grocery shopping, with products ranging from vegetables to meat, from bakery to pastry and so on. Furthermore, the store is known for its cellar offering an exclusive selection of wine and spirits from premium access to very high-end ones. A curious and special addition to the store is the exclusive baking, patisserie and gastronomy workshop for both adults and children to help them produce unique recipes from unique products. Inside the store you will find artisans working and delighting you with their savoir-faire, making your stay an incredible luxury experience.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris is located at 38, rue de Sèvres, Paris.



Dean & DeLuca

The original store was opened in 1977 in SoHo by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca, bringing a successful brand-new shift to grocery shopping.

Nowadays Dean & DeLuca is a brand known internationally for luxury food – in fact the brand has eight stores in the United States and almost 20 abroad. The emporium sells every kind of gourmet food from chocolate to meat and seafood, from oils and vinegars to dressing and sauces. Dean & DeLuca is also very much known for their flowers and the smell they make throughout the store. Their best sellers are mostly snacks and sweets, like for example their Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka ($28), some special taste popcorn such as the Caramel and Chipotle Popcorn ($2.75) or the Acacia Black Truffle Honey ($18.50).

The original  Dean & DeLuca store is still in 560 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City.




By Carolina Panzera

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