5 tips for becoming a sustainable Fashion Addict

image: https://colpoditacco.me/tag/mexes/

Did you know that the fashion industry is considered the second-most polluting industry in the world? In fact this sector is responsible for 10% of CO2 total emissions and the death of 70 million trees for the production of certain fabrics such as viscose, rayon or lyocell. So as consumers, what can we do in order to protect our planet and continue to be fashion victims

We can start following these five simple tips:

  1. Choose sustainable brands. Today many brands are taking environmental problems into account and choose not to use some fabrics or leathers that can cause environmental damage. So we should be aware about which brands are sustainable and which ones are not.
  2. Buy vintage,  or rent clothes. Apart from second – hand shops, where we can buy products at cheaper prices, another recent trend is the one of renting. In fact, today, people prefer to rent online – usually through specialized websites – products they love instead of owning them. In this way, not only we can be more sustainable, but also we can satisfy our desire to wear always something new.
  3. Check material and buy good quality. During the act of purchasing, price has usually a major role. But when it comes to sustainability, we should also pay attention to what is the actual composition of what we are buying. It’s very important to check and choose clothes that are made of sustainable fabrics or materials,  also considering that a lot of materials are not healthy for our skins or health in general. 
  4. Modify the cloth that we already have in our wardrobes. What if I tell you that what you are looking for- sometimes – can be just in front of your nose? Rarely we consider the possibility to take things that we already own and to transform them into what we are looking for. Indeed, sometimes having a bit of creativity and imagination can help us to save a lot of money and to find what we are searching with a few sartorial works.
  5. Don’t buy immediately. Last but not least in our list (LOL) we need to change our mental approach and attitude when it comes to purchasing. Usually when we find something that we like, we immediately buy it without taking into account our real needs. My suggestion is not to buy immediately what you like but to think about it: if you already own something similar, see if it will be useful for you and when. Sometimes, the best thing to do is not to buy the same day, but maybe the day after. This system allows us to understand if we really want that item or not.

This small piece of advice will help all of us to be more sustainable consumers and save money for things that – maybe–  we need more. Try to follow these tips  but – of course – when we are talking about sales, you can skip number 5 and go for it!

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