The kaiser of creativity at Pitti Uomo: Karl Lagerfeld



Eclectic, creative, eccentric. These are the adjectives to describe the genius of Karl Lagerfeld. Creative director of Fendi and Chanel, and also a photographer, he choose Pitti Uomo 93 to introduce his new men’s fall/winter 2018 collection.




Lagerfeld created a unique label, “Karl Lagerfeld”, blending the two brands “Lagerfeld”  and “Karl Lagerfeld”. The collection presented at Pitti is a capsule curated by his long-time personal assistant Sébastien Jondeau.




This multi-faceted collection can be split in 3 main categories, all inspired by Jondeau’s main interests. His passion for sports has given rise to motocross-inspired garments, like a bomber and 80’s jackets. The second section is made up of casual items, perfect for every days occasions, such as trousers, shirts and T-shirts. Lastly, he designed a whole formal and elegant section, with sophisticated three-piece suits, coats, and a huge variety of accessories, bags and shoes. An entire wardrobe for today’s man.




In 2016 Florece hosted the photo exhibition “Karl Lagerfeld. Vision of Fashion” at Palazzo Pitti, but this year the stylist attended the fair to show everyone his fall/winter collection. A special location has been reserved for this Griffe, the Sala dell’Orologio inside the Costruzioni Lorenesi.


“Pitti represents an exciting platform to showcase our Karl Lagerfeld men’s collection and vision,” said Pier Paolo Righi, chief executive officer of Karl Lagerfeld to WWD. “It is our mission to continuously excite our consumers with great stories and make them a part of our brand experience.”

“My style is very urban, yet it can also be quite strict — strict and chic, since I can go from wearing sweats and a pair of Jordans to a three-piece suit,” Jondeau said to WWD. The capsule collection is set to launch in Karl Lagerfeld stores across the globe in August 2018, as well as online and via select wholesale partners.

Come as you are/Come as you are: musings on fashion vs style at Pitti

Stately men with beards in narrow trousers, tanned naked ankles and pants of canary colors, pink linen suits and striped socks, colorful brogues, “butterflies” and scarves around their neck… You understand what I mean?

Yes, yes, for sure you’ve seen these crazy street style pictures in magazines, blogs and on social networks…

All this is Pitti Uomo, which is not a prepared fashion shoot, but reality.

This is the exhibition in Florence, which is on the same level with the men’s fashion weeks in Milan. The only difference is that all these people do not sit in rows along the catwalks, but slowly walk around, communicating with each other and taking pictures. From the visitors of Pitti Uomo you can see all the trends for real, and then you find those same styles on the stores’ shelves and hangers.

Pitti Uomo is the largest menswear trade show in Europe and is a professional event where Italian brands meet with journalists and show room owners to discuss (and sell) new trends in the design of men’s clothing.

But let’s turn back to people. Walking through the exhibition you can see people from all over the world. They have different nationalities, ages, professions…but always somehow connected with men’s fashion and style. Even if, obviously, different goals brought them here.

All of them now connected together by Pitti.

Looking at these men and women I understood that they were actually the main heroes of this “show”, the main actors in this movie.

So join me as I jump into this movie and make contact with the main characters.


    • Two men in black. They are seemed to be brothers, friends…does not actually matter. They have their own special similar style that makes my glance stop here –black jackets, black trousers, white turtleneck and .. these trendy sneakers. What do you think is their role in this movie? I would prefer to think that they are bloggers from UK. Yes, our UK bloggers in black that are going to make many posts after the “show!”


    • Lady in yellow coat and …green hair. What do you think her character is? Photographer? Why not…especially taking into consideration that she was taking the photos of already familiar characters. Let’s say that she came from UK together with them and now they will have phtoshoots and then will go to SSEINSE brand. Btw…small remark –these “actors” perfectly match the DNA of SSEINSE – “back to basic, because it’s time to be strong”. The brand is fantastic, interesting and a special one. Just in few words, if you like, you are warmly recommended to visit their Facebook page.
    • Sseinse

But let’s move on to other players of the show.


    • What is interesting this year  is the new colorful trend. Especially talking about hair (need to think about updating mine as well :))) We already got acquainted with the green-haired girl, so now let’s move to blue bearded man. For me he could have a perfect role of fashion editor in some fancy magazine. He is constantly on the phone checking millions of emails , looking through lots of photos, analyzing all the trends around.. perfect outfit for this role.


    • Look at this couple. This is perfect reflection of the Pitti motion. They are a bit in hurry, aren’t they? This is for sure because they have their tough schedule of meetings and they can’t be late. They are journalists and they are collecting material, thoughts, phrases so that afterwards we can enjoy reading colorful articles about new trends in Pitti Uomo…or maybe some gossipy stories..why not? 🙂


    • Every show must have this special, very extravagant character. Here we are — this cool eye-catching lady. Let me say that her style is a bit controversial. But at the end of the day there is no common taste for everyone. As long as she feels confident and comfortable with herself we feel the same.


    • More Instagram bloggers. After making their photoshoot they are focused on posting photos in their Instagram profiles. I am sure you could easily find them by searching the hashtag #pittiuomostyle.


    • Hey there! Pink is the new black…or blue, doesn’t actually matter as our next hero is the real proof of  it! Or at least this color is trendy for him and he looks fantastically cool! Bravo 🙂


    • The same story with the shoes on massive platforms. Even though I was absolutely sure we stopped with it last season. But it seems not. So let me find  my old ones today!

All these people really inspired me to think about one thing. Fashion or style? Trendy or not? Pink or green? I was walking thinking about this and then suddenly I saw the answer my questions.


There is  one thing that always continues to be trendy modern fashionable etc… it is classic. Looking at these two men I suddenly understood the real meaning of style and fashion. Fashion is the matter of flash – what is fashionable today is totally unfashionable tomorrow. But style.. it is something through time. It is something with a great substance behind it. I could not like  a pink color or massive shoes, these could be totally not trendy or fashionable. But without discussion each of us could have his own style and feeling totally ok, so let’s follow our own special path – both inner and outer.

From Fashion to Fine dining : THE GUCCI GARDEN

Massimo Bottura Gucci Osteria Firenze

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, has recently completed a new project : the Gucci Garden.                                                                                                                                      

It opened its doors during the Pitti Uomo men’s fashion trade show in Florence.        Located in the heart of Florence, inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia which was the site of the Gucci Museo, Michele developed a multi-functional, creative and living space in three floors.

It’s not  simply a museum but is a combination of  exhibition space, a restaurant headed by three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura and a boutique stocking exclusive merchandise.

The name “Gucci Garden” derives from the designer’s passion for nature. Michele said in a statement, “The garden is real, but it belongs above all to the mind, populated with plants and animals: like the snake, which slips in everywhere, and in a sense, symbolizes a perpetual beginning and a perpetual return.”

The ground floor houses the restaurant called Gucci Osteria, run by the three-Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura. He has chosen to create a new menu inspired by his travels around the globe and applied to Italian cuisine.

The menu will include iconic Italian dishes like handmade tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano, mushroom risotto, and scampi. Peruvian tostadas and pork belly buns are some of the other items on the menu, but the chef also offers hot dogs and burgers.            The food is served on porcelain plates from Richard Ginori decorated with the brand’s paisley print, while napkins are embroidered to resemble Gucci shirts. The interior of the restaurant is designed to make its great cuisine stand out and references Gucci’s cultural heritage.

Gucci Osteria

Massimo Bottura Gucci Osteria Firenze

Adjacent to the restaurant,we find a baazar-like boutique which sells goods designed exclusively for Gucci Garden, from collections of shoes and bags in special materials to limited editon ready-to wear clothing such as a silk bomber jacket with the Gucci Garden gothic script. gucci store 6 gucci garden Gucci Garden: A New Gucci Experience in Florence gucci garden 6                                                                                                                                    The best part of it all is that these amazing collections and special items are only available at Gucci Garden and cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

The other two floors of the Palazzo are dedicated to the Galleria exhibition space that tells the fashion house’s heritage and new vision.

Divided into six themed rooms, the Gucci Garden Galleria displays Gucci vintage and contemporary pieces from its beginnings in Florence in 1921 as a maker of leather accessories and luggage to the current evolution of the house.

The itinerary starts right from the “Guccification” room that reclaims the iconic double G logo as a work of pop art and explores the many ways the logo has been transformed, including  works and iconic objects created by the previous designers Tom Ford and Frida Giannini (for example the iconic white liquid gown designed by Tom Ford).              The first floor ends with the “Cosmorama” room which is dedicated to bags, suitcases, and luggage created for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan traveller and for the  Cosmorama  the third room of the #GucciGarden Galleria, is dedicated to bags, suitcases, and luggage. It investigates the House s origins as a maker of leather goods for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan traveller. The emblem of the bell boy, or lift boy, a reference to founder Guccio Gucci s time as a porter at London s Savoy Hotel when a young man, is also profiled in a video, while travel bags in unusual materials, shapes and sizes adorn one wall, acting as a comment on the changing face of travel over the past century. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele Gucci Garden Galleria opening hours: 10.00   19.30international jet set ( for instance the bamboo handle and the Jackie Bag ).

On the second floor there are two rooms dedicated to Nature called “De Rerum Natura” that  represent the House’s passion for flora and fauna. These rooms display clothes and accessories from different eras inspired by the animal and plant kingdoms, a continuing source of inspiration for Alessandro Michele; here we can find ten floral drawings by the artist Vittorio Accornero de Testa, who designed the famous Gucci Flora pattern in 1966. At the end of the itinerary is the “Ephemera” room, retracing the long history of Gucci through a collection of documents, magazines and objects.                          Additionally, there is a small “Cinema da camera” with red velvet curtains which is an auditorium for 30 people ,where visitors can watch films curated by the Galleria.

Exploring this new space, visitors live a unique experience between imagination and creativity and immerse themselves in the history of the fashion house.

It only costs 8 euro and a part of the ticket price for the Gucci Garden Galleria will be donated to support restoration projects in Florence.

So, visiting the Gucci Garden is most definitely a must when in Florence and I hope we will have the chance to explore it during our trip!

Anna Luongo



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A “lesson” of Fashion at Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo is the first stop for the autumn-winter 2018 season and it is a film that gives a good lesson in contemporary fashion. But first of all, what is fashion in its essence?

Fashion is a fantastic container of ever-changing beauty and dynamic creativity, but it also appears, to many, as an incomprehensible mystery as a random process that defies comprehension. It is worth it to be able to understand fashion dialects? The answer is definitely affirmative, since fashion belongs to everyone, it is the spokesman for the mood we live in and represents a way of being.

But fashion is still a business, and the lack of rigor about “what to wear” immediately transforms it into a thriving enterprise of stimuli.

The most recurring questions nowadays might be: will men’s fashion be able to overcome women’s fashion? Will selling on internet fully skirt traditional distribution channels? Are Chinese emerging brands going to take over the world?

How would the complex fashion system in Italy reply, given it’s an articulated network where all the fashion, clothing, footwear, accessories and bijou sector interact and create the mood of trends.

The Italian fashion textile sector is of enormous importance for the economy of Italy, generating a trade surplus only second to machinery.

The competiveness of Made in Italy at international level is highlighted above all by investment in innovation, product research and development, tradition of productivity, knowledge and synergy between the various phases of the process and integrating with retail.


During my time at Pitti Uomo I could appreciate some special products showing a huge interest in involving the environmental philosophy with a a strong dose of art, travel and photography. These closes are for normal customers who are seeking the quality of a new well-being in their lifestyle, a sportswear style with an experience of naturalness, in total respect for the environment. All the collections are aesthetically impeccable, imagined by young artistic talents or photographers who are ready to reply to questions posed by a metropolitan environment. Lines of footwear in eco-materials establish a new equilibrium between urban and outdoor style. Garments in organic cotton matched with an outerwear proposal, bags and accessories in certified and sometimes even recycled, raw material: despite their minimal appearance, they are resistant, machine-washable and durable. Sharp shapes take on meaning in light of a new and simple kind of beauty.

This is only a little lesson for me, like a drop of water in a wonderful sea rich with changes supported by artists and dreamers that create real fashion.


@PITTI Uomo 93: 5 tips to attract customers to your brand

Companies have different concepts, while clients have different priorities. By the way, there is one thing that makes different ideas alike – desire to sell what is produced and to buy what is on sale. However, what is the best way to make clients pay attention to your brand?

Direct report from @Pitti Immagine Uomo shows best examples.

#1. Bar + lounge zone.

A fresh drink, a cup of hot coffee or a snack, just decide what is better during a long working day at @Pitti Immagine! A small escape, where your guests can relax, take their time as they analyze the story and idea behind your company. Why did @Birkenstock decide to organize an individual hall? What are their origins? Is the furniture their production or only the fur shoes? Providing the things right in front of the seats – the best solution to let the customers know what you want them to know.

Bar at Birkenstock

#2. Things to take photos with.

@Instagram rules the world! Nowadays it has become the best way to promote your brand and attract customers’ attention. What a pleasure to check in and post a stylish photo, confirming your presence at such a great event. No one during the @Pitti Uomo 93 missed a chance to make a photo with two drawn Karls on the wall. Thanks to @KarlLagerfeldand its welcoming personnel, who invited the guests to enter the shop, visitors were able to do it either outside or inside the pavillion.

The wall of Karl Lagerfel’s pavilion 

#3. DJ saved my life.

Either house or pop music can engage crowds of customers in your boutique, especially if you manage to hit the mark by presenting the concept of your collection. The pavilion @Unconventional was full of press, buyers and designers, admiring the atmosphere and watching videos on the large screen the size of the whole wall. A trendy Dj also confirms that brands prefer to stay in the thick of the latest events in music, ready to keep up with the times.

DJ at Unconventional

#4. Photo shoots.

@Sseinse decided to make the pages of the magazine come alive. Right in the center of the shop there was a photo shoot of the clothes themselves. While inside the boutique the brand went all the way with a demonstration of the whole collection, but this time a runaway show with models. It gave visitors the feeling of being not at @Pitti, but on the cover or official website, a real feeling of being in the limelight.

Photo shoots at SSeinse

#5.Just you and your concept.

No news, good news. Following the concept of the brand allows for no surprises. The shop of @MC2StBarth at @Pitti was constructed like a real seaside villa on the coast of the ocean. So the clients entered and saw what they really expected to see: swimming wear, slippers or surfing equipment. Moreover, @Desigualdecided to follow the same path by displaying a life-size giraffe colored like zebra. Seems like Desigual, doesn’t it?

Desigual and MC2 St Barth

About @PITTI Immagine Uomo:

Currently, @Pitti Uomo is the most influential, and therefore the most important, platform in the field of men’s fashion. Mostly Italians, but also journalists, buyers and bloggers from all over the world come here.

For sure, @Pitti Uomo is the main event in the menswear industry. It is easy to get in touch with the owners of companies, designers and artisans who represent unique products. Moreover, the informality of the atmosphere and qualitative preselection of exhibitors of @Pitti determines its success as a business event, where you can show your brand  to the best advantage.

Daria Antonova.

What men prefer to wear today: an overview of Pitti 2018

A few seasons back the fashion world started to face a big change: traditional styles vs. emerging new ones. This year Pitti Immagine Uomo, the menswear fashion exhibition held at beautiful Florence,  showed a willingness to focus on an innovative future and unconventional styles for men.

Men’s closets  in 2018 are divided in two: on one side are the carryovers, products of the best quality with a traditional style that will never be out of fashion, and, on the other side,  lots of new styles the are super contemporary, scrappy and most of all genderless!

One of the keywords is streetwear, as men’s style is getting more and more casual eliminating the gap between the concept of luxury and the street  and (according to  Polat Uyal, Chief Merchandising Officer of BEYMEN, Istanbul) “Androgene Aesthetic, Military Inspiration, Astrology, Space and Slogans are the other key trends for the Fall Winter season”.

From the fashion shows at Pitti, some of the most extravagant and curious brands that emerged were: Concept Korea, one of the most interesting name of the Korean fashion research; Les benjamins brand of contemporary street wear style; and Luca Magliano with his new  collection making us suddenly enter into his dream “closet for a man in love” a combination of big volumes, interesting color matches, 80’s style and a kind of gangster feeling all together creating a different way of imagining men.

However the customary styles will continue to exist  with important examples like Fratelli Rossetti, a benchmark for Italian artisanal footwear,  with their iconic Brera loafer, or Brooks Brothers, the American brand famous for a timeless classic elegance, quality and artisanal manufacturing.

To promote the re-emergence of artisanality at Pitti, the special section “Make” was created for artisans coming from all over the world to show their artisanal pieces of a special workmanship but with a modern allure.

But the question for future designers is: What does the majority of consumers prefer today? An innovative vision, or remaining a little bit longer in the deeply-rooted traditions?


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Ekaterina Okoulik

Ermenegildo Zegna uses Bocconi University as a catwalk

Last season it was Cattolica, this time at Bocconi. Ermenegildo Zegna kicked off this year’s Milan Menswear Fashion Week by choosing a university as the location to show his company’s collection.

“Like the structure, which used classical Italian modernist elements of stone and reinforced concrete, even as it subverted the visual language with punchy graphic patchwork glass patterns. The name of the building is even in one-meter high script, stamped onto the underside of a reinforced concrete arch.” as Godfrey Deeny said.

Bocconi zegna

A “classic” men’s show, off limits to anyone without a personal invitation, more presentations and outdoor events: that is the trend for this edition.

The choice to pick Bocconi as its location demonstrates how this year’s men’s fashion week steps away from the confines of the “Quadrilattero della Moda” and involves the entire city of Milan.

The soft snow and the brutalist spaces of the university: the setting would be enough to describe the collection Ermenegildo Zegna designed by Alexander Sartori, that works with a man’s wardrobe that mixes sport and sartoriality more and more and, in this case, “nature and technicality.”

“It’s a conversation between the natural and the technical; built for this beautiful concrete space,” Sartori told

His first inspiration came from the Swiss-German photographer Thomas Flechtner, who spent seven years taking surreal and outlandish photos of frozen landscapes.

The mix of modern architecture and nature with black, white and grey colors aims to  emphasize the man-versus-nature aspect, Sartori said. Outdoor spirit clashes with evolved tailoring, technology merges with tradition in a new expression of winter couture.

Risultati immagini per zegna bocconi fashion show

It’s a contemporary concept of “sartorialità”, destined for the metropolitan life but without its hardness and  with continuous references to the DNA of the brand designed by Alessandro Sartori: the chromatic palette, mesh patterns depicting panoramic shots of the Zegna OASIS, pants adjustable from the bottom  thanks to the buttons, in the luxurious hoodie a wool padding.

Many coats have a belt that turns into martingale, and there’s a new version of the double breasted jacket. Models came from all nationalities , the result of a casting made around the world.

Risultati immagini per zegna bocconi fashion show

Mirror of those Millennials that Gildo Zegna himself in an interview pointed out as a target to follow closely and to please, “because men, and especially young people, have still fun buying, especially if they find luxury enriched by innovation.” More generally, “Although French fashion is very competitive, Made in Italy is strong and must not give up.”

Francesco Oppo

How to surprise at MMFW 2018? Ask DSquared2


Do you want the answer to this question? Ask the Caten twins, Dean and Dan Caten, the founders of Dsquared2, an international fashion house.


There weren’t the usual models on the catwalk this year, but cowboys and cowgirls celebrating the heritage of Dsquared2 and updating the iconic pieces of the brands: if you have a look at the catwalk you can see the new idea of wearing ripped jeans, tartan shirt, cowboy jacket and parka by Dsquared2.

Certainly this strange way to match clothes and styles is not the real surprise of this year, I mean, not for Dsquared2. So, what was the surprise that left the audience’s mouth open?

It’s time to start and the first model makes an appearance. She is a girl, no matter if it is the male fashion week, but who is she? She seems… Yes, she is!


The beautiful Bella Hadid was opening the show of Dsquared2 2018. One of the most popular models today was walking the runway wearing cropped black pants and a red -and-black plaid Western inspired jacket over a denim button-up shirt. Details were a black bow tie, drop earrings and a logo’d belt. To complete the look, you couldn’t miss the black cutout booties featuring lace-up detailing from the collection.


Dsquared2 succeeded in their object: the public was astonished by this glamourous cowgirl.

The show continued with a lot of cowboys and cowgirls wearing satin dresses with bohemian paint, super fit cowboy shirts, overalls that became maxi tops and fuseaux full of sequins.

The show came to an end, suddenly, when  a bohemian goddess in fur appeared at the beginning of the catwalk. The second surprise from Caten twins was the wonderful model Kendal Jenner. Once more the guests are stunned. Two of the most in-demand and beautiful models of the moment on the catwalk. Who could have guessed?




Kendal, following the style of the entire collection, but dressed totally different from her colleague and friend Bella, wore an enormous hooded fur coat paired with a plunging colourful bohemian-style floor-length dress featuring multiple layers and prints. Added style touches were a bold necklace, drop earrings and  Western-inspired open-toe cutout booties (like Bella’s).



It was clear, even before the show, that the main topic inspiring Dsquared2 would have been the Western fashion, as you could see also in their official Instagram profile; but nobody could have known that the two supermodels would grace the catwalk.

Schermata 2018-01-26 alle 16.38.19.png

No photos of the two on Instagram, no leaks giving away their presence in Milan during men’s fashion week. The two friends arrived in Milan in hiding.

So, finally, surprise success for Dsquared2. Hoping that the collection will have the same luck and positive vibes as the show had.




The three musketeers of Made in Italy

Perfect Fusion: Hublot teams up with Rubinacci and Italia Independent’s Lapo Elkann on its new watch collection.


Mr Luca Rubinacci, creative director of the Italian tailoring house that bears his name, has long been one of the stars of Pitti Uomo. The way that Mr Rubinacci’s style combines dapper details with a relaxed fit explains why he has been from always a style icon for modern gentlemen. The Rubinacci family has been in the bespoke business since 1932, when Gennaro Rubinacci, an art collector with society connections, established the company, dubbing it “The London House” to remind customers of Savile Row. “Bebè,” as he was known, had a radical idea: to make unstructured, unlined jackets meant to be worn out of the office.

Thanks to its iconic style combined with traditions and craftsmanship, Rubinacci is now starting a new exiting partnership together with Hublot and Italia Independent’s Lapo Elkann. The Hublot Express rolled into Milan for the launch of what could be the LVMH brand’s best collaboration yet. Lapo Elkann has long been a favourite of both Jean-Claude Biver (president of LVMH Watches and Jewellery) and Ricardo Guadalupe (Hublot CEO) thanks to his ability to bring a sense of style and glamour to the brand.

A long term friend of the Rubinacci family, Elkann had the idea of raiding the Rubinacci fabric archives for inspiration. Rubinacci has some 60,000 square metres of fabric from which a selection of houndstooth, tartan and Prince-of-Wales check cloths were chosen to be incorporated into Hublot’s Classic Fusion chronographs.

Four collections, one of which for women, have been created from this partnership that combines the innovative approach of Lapo Elkann and the watchmaking and technological expertise of the Hublot Manufacture. For 2018, the stylish Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent has been given a sporty twist with the addition of a chronograph movement to three different limited editions. In all three, cutting edge materials resulting from extensive research conducted by Hublot combine with the elegance of the exquisite fabrics Lapo Elkann has chosen from the archives of the legendary Italian tailor, Rubinacci. For this collaboration, he has selected precious rolls of fabric inspiredby the 60s and 70s.


Francesca Borroni

Winners of the International Woolmark Prize @Pitti Uomo 93

The 93rd edition of Pitti Uomo hosted the prestigious International Woolmark Prize, an important forum for spotting new fashion talent. The UK’s Matthew Miller and Bodice of India won respectively the menswear and womenswear category, and DYNE was the winner for the Innovation Award.

International Woolmark prize winners at Pitti Uomo 93

What does this prize celebrate? Born in 1953, its purpose is to discover and encourage creative talents around the world to express the beauty and versatility of Australian Merino wool, transforming it into fashion products. Not only the aspiring fashion stars are supported with trade development and helped in the manufacturing processes by the Australian wool-growing community, but they also face the challenge to influence customers’ perception of what a wool garment can be. Plus, the winners receive a substantial money prize and great commercial opportunities, including a chance to distribute their collection in prestigious department stores.

This prize is evidently not a joke – also considering that the winners of  the first editions were Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. Great times ahead for the three emerging designers, then. Although they have had different inspirations and visions for their collections, they all surely created something very interesting.

Matthew Miller was able to work the Merino fiber in such a way to make it water resistant, eliminating also the plastic materials involved in the production, preferring recylcled materials. “Shapes serving the function”, the philosophy behind his collection.


Matthew Miller collection

Bodice won the womenswear category thanks to the technology and the manufacturing skills within the production process. As a result, her collection combined elements of the tradition of the Australian merino wool with the artisanality of her country of origin, India. She closely worked with Biodye, a natural colour manufacturer in Sawantwadi (in the central part of the country) to get combinations of colors following Ayurveda. She also utilized coconuts, shells and wood to create the buttons, to complete her holistic approach.


Bodice collection

Finally, the Innovation Award, promoted with Future Tech Lab, was given to DYNE, whose collection was inspired by the snowboard lessons in the 80’s. His collection includes zip-up hoodies, track pants, trench coats and pullovers. It has been treated so as to be water-repellent, and includes reflective overlays and inserts, functional pocket zips and laser-cut details.


DYNE Collection

But the real innovation of Christopher Bevans is the introduction of NFC chips inside his technical garments to monitor the risk of avalanches. When tradition meets technology.

Gaia Villatora Milic


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What is Luxury

What is luxury?

Before defining what it is, it is necessary to say what it is NOT: luxury is certainly not just money, it is not vulgarity and it is not even ostentation.

The concept of luxury is unquestionably linked to quality, of materials but not only: the quality of the idea from which the finished product is born. If there were not a great idea behind the creation of a luxury item, the result would be very poor.

The quality of luxury products, however, certainly depends on the details that form the good: an object such as a watch or a jewel is certainly catalogable as a luxury product only for the details (do you mean materials?) that compose it. The precision and love with which a luxury good is made is the secret of the luxury market, attention and care not found in any other sector.

Another key word for the luxury goods market is certainly “tradition”: the big brands are inextricably linked to this concept. It is only through the tradition and the past of great brands that quality is consolidated and, consequently, the value of a luxury item.
Necessarily connected to the concept of tradition is the “competence” that distinguishes the creation of a luxury item. Without this element all the products made in this market would lose their value.

However, a good mix between tradition and innovation is really important: the so called “nouveau riche” demand not only the greatness that comes mostly from crossovers, but wants to find in luxury something new and different from the past.

Finally, it is important to stress the relevance of the “tailor made” concept: almost all luxury goods are the result of a direct relationship with the customer, to ensure all their needs and to ensure that the product matches more fully to his tastes.

“Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends” (Coco Chanel)

Who is Marco

(Hi Marco! For a headline, I think you should try “About Marco XX” and put your last name. Also, you can write in the first person, saying “My name is Marco XX and I was born in Milan in 1992” and so on. Even CVs now are written in the first person). 

Marco (put your last name here) was born in Milan in 1992.

After a High School Diploma at the Liceo Classico “Collegio San Carlo” in 2011, he studied law at the University of Milan.

After his Bachelor degree, in 2017 he decided to follow his great passion in Luxury management area, attending a Master at the Sole 24 Business School.

His greatest dream is to be an enterpreneur in the Luxury sector, in particular the Travel and Hospitaly one.

He is deeply in love with travel and adventure, he is a football fan and loves to enjoy life at the best, spending time with friends, having parties and eating well.

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Gala #believe, #love, #hate, #respect

(hi Gala, very nice! Ok to publish!)

I believe… 

I believe in honesty as there is nothing that important as truth

I believe in courage as it is always difficult to stay brave when life is not “on your side”

I believe in hard work as to achieve something you need to do “something”

I believe in love as the world can be a bit better if you truly love

I believe in my friends as they always by my side

I believe in time as it cannot be cheated and is the most valuable thing we can have


I love.. 

I love to “feel” people as I think it is more important than to just listen

I love motion as without moving there is no progress

I love traveling as I can gain new experience

I love meeting new people as each of them teaches me something

I love my family as this is the most important thing in my life

I love watches as I believe in time


I hate…

I hate lies as nothing can be better than truth

I hate hypocrisy as it kills the nature of truth

I hate injustice as fair things are the proper ones

I hate immorality as we need to respect true values

I hate laziness as you can learn only from studying and working

I hate being late as I love time


I respect…

I respect kindness as there is too much anger around

I respect old people as one day I will also need a hand to rely on

I respect achievements as they can be gained only by hard work

I respect all the people around me as long as they are honest, kind and sincere

I respect criticism as this is the best way to learn

I respect time as I value time


My name is Galina and I #believe, I #love, I #hate, I #respect. 


Elegance and casualness: two sides of the same coin in the FW Armani collection

On Monday January 15, Giorgio Armani presented the new Fall-Winter men’s collection at the Armani theatre in Via Bergognone 59, Milan. The Italian designer daringly opted for uncommon and unusual matches and shapes using velvet, very dark colours and double-breasted jackets.

Armani’s models burst onto the catwalk showing how elegance and casualness can be easily and perfectly blended and combined. Jogging pants, cargos and hoodies harmoniously matched with everything that is considered classic in a way in which made formal and sportswear coexist.

This is the new idea proposed by Giorgio Armani for the FW collection: an easy, handy, practical, comfortable style married perfectly with a serious, severe and rigid one.

And what’s the best material able to express this bond? Velvet: “the best fabric in the world”, using Armani’s words. Armani used it in all its forms in this new collection: from pants to jackets. Even in the new eight-button double-breasted ones in order to make them less strict and more informal representing a casual, informal and relaxed man, but never frivolous and superficial.

Actually, Giorgio Armani’s love for velvet began a long time ago. Velvet is a really strong fabric both on the aesthetic side and emotional side: it’s able to transmit lots of feelings through its beautiful light and its hundreds shades. It has an inner power: to be really bright and luminous in the darker tones. Thanks to its long story, velvet symbolizes elegance, nobility and taste. While wearing it, the man expresses the highest class and style possible.

Schermata 2018-01-18 alle 21.34.43.png

A double-breasted jacket is really easy to wear because it’s an all-in-one item. It is very different from a mono-breasted one which requires a T-shirt or a shirt under it. In line with that idea, Armani proposed a new shirt’s model with a metal thread which gives rigidity and inflexibility to the collar.

Giorgio Armani’s man feels good and comfortable about himself. He perfectly represents the romantic, refined, classy and distinguished kind of man. He matches with nonchalance a double-breasted velvet jacket with cargo or jogging pants and also velvet soft pants with a sweater jacket. He easily interchanges sporty bombers with long and elegant sheepskins or fur coats.

And what about the evemng? He choses new velvet tuxedo with a satin collar or vice versa, a satin tuxedo with velvet revers. Everything rigorously very dark with a classy touch of emerald and ruby somewhere to enlighten the black and the grey.




Obviously, VIPs joined the event. The swimmer Filippo Magnini, the ex pilot and Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi, the actor Francesco Scianna, the TV presenter Daniele Bossari and his partner and model Filippa Lagerback, the cinematographer Luca Bigazzi and the actor Jamael Westman were all at the show. They all agreed that the new Armani FW men collection should be a source of inspiration for everyone.

Francesca Perego


Latin BOOM

Is it true that big fashion brands are crazy about the huge Asian market and the millions of new consumers that they can reach in that part of the globe ? Yes, for sure it’s a real thing ! But do you really think that they are only focusing on those countries from the Orient ? The answer to this question is a BIG no, as big as the Chinese market.Resultado de imagem para gucci campaign asia

Of course they are interested in Far Eastern markets and we can see this reflected in many of this year’s collections in the Menwear Milano Fashion Week which took place in January. For example Fendi showed huge-fit plaid coats, Prada had strong colors like purple and orange on their models, Marcelo Boulon with relaxed fit shirts and T-shirts combined with sweat pants and plaid patterns were all characteristics that Asian cutomers appreciate.


But beside these points, in recent years, brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and Moschino are trying to reach the Latino market, which is a huge place for a expansion for the leading companies. For example in Brazil, Colombia and Panama, leading brands are not changing their collections to fit Latino taste, but they are inviting more and more Latin influencers to come to the catwalks and events, and making more contact with Latino celebrities to wear their brands and get more visibility in that part of the world.Maluma hace historia al desfilar para Dolce & Gabbana... ¡con sorpresa incluida!

A real example of this is that this year, Dolce & Gabbana invited Maluma, a Colombian and one of the biggest Reggaeton singers today, not only to walk their show but also to close the fashion show singing live. Another Latino idol who walked to Dolce & Gabbana this year is Nicolas Prattes, a young Brazilian actor who is really into social media and who is a real influencer in Brazil.


Moschino, Givenchy and Valentino are having a different approach, not only inviting to the catwalks Latino influencers like Thassia Naves, Marina Ruy Brabosa, Kadu Dantas and Lala Rudge, but sending merchandising to famous singers and actors, like Anitta, a Brazilian singer who has the most viewed Instagram stories (in the category singers) in the whole world.

IMG_F832F84F3706-1 Resultado de imagem para anitta moschino


As we can see, people working for important fashion companies are smart and they are doing the right thing. They are looking for world wide growth ! Just because they are doing a lot of products that seem to be focused on Asians doesn’t mean they are forgetting about the other parts of the world which can be awesome new markets, and this is what make them experts.

        Imagem relacionada


Fernando Lucas Ferreira


When streetwear & luxury collide: the biggest trends spotted @Pitti Uomo 93


On the worldwide fashion scene, Florence stands out for hosting Italy’s most famous menswear trade show: Pitti Uomo.

Each season, the most eccentric personalities in #menswear parade on the storied and breathtaking locations at the disposal of the fashion fair – like Salone dei Cinquecento, at Palazzo Vecchio, just to name a few – showing off their dapper looks, floating between a vast assortment of dandy-style suits, eccentric footwear, controversial outfits and fine leather accessories.

Now in its 93rd edition, it seems like PITTI Uomo set a new standard of boldness directly related to the digital era “disorder” , which has infected even the most conservative and refined #menswear universe.

Pitti-Uomo-Day-1-175 2

Indeed, Pitti Uomo’s Fall/Winter 2018 edition steered slightly from its dandy-dominated trademark. Of course, the usual sea of blazers flooded nearly every corner of the the Tuscan capital, but Pitti’s highly anticipated guest designers UNDERCOVER ‘s Jun Takahashi and TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist, as well as a presentation from 032c, attracted hordes of streetwear-lovers, resulting in a wacky-kooky mash-up of never-seen-before outfits.

undercoverPITTI 2

Attendees for the first day stepped out in some of their finest pieces, with fashion week staples such as Balenciaga, Brooks Brothers, JW Anderson, Off-White and Raf Simons, all featuring prominently. Other brands that were well represented included everything from luxury labels such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton to streetwear staples like BAPE and the acclaimed New York brand Supreme.

However, the undisputed protagonist of this PITTI Uomo show has been the celebration of athleisure or “althluxury” , as the prominent exponents of the global fashion system dubbed the latest hip – as nearly all of the brands revealed the streetwear or athleisure bent in their collections.

Accordingly, a remarkable amount of space within the exhibitors’ portion of the event has been dedicated to sporty clothing. Most of people’d cheer there’s nothing new in staging sporty outfits. All true.

Still, what’s really revolutionary here is the fact that one of menswear’s most sartorial-focused fairs welcomed into its classy environment the comfortable clothing trend as more than a fad: it’s the future of men’s fashion.

Pitti Uomo 93 has so fiercely and enthusiastically celebrated #athleisure, of being able to overturn the balance of the two (apparent) antagonist worlds of street and luxury, by bringing them together in new successful collaborations.


Hear ye, #fashionaddicted !!!

Here a sneak peek at some of the biggest trends spotted at PITTI Uomo 93.

Take note!


#1 Key Accessorize: Hats hats hats!

Though dad caps – needless to say – have been the reigning headwear style among the fashion set for some years now, Pitti veterans opted to broaden their preferences and so multiply their choice to different shapes like berets, newsboys, flat caps and Panama hats. There’s a little something for everyone now, up to you now!


#2 Overcoats & (over)blazers, the MUST-HAVE.

Someone can argue it’s not exactly the newest trend in town, but oversized silhouettes are, by far, the most prominent cold weather cover detected at Pitti, and still a force across fashion’s male and female landscape for the upcoming cold seasons.


#3 Hoodies, make way for Graphic knitwear!

Lo and behold! Logo hoodies look like they’ve been replaced by graphic knitwear, already one of last season’s news. Too early to tell maybe, but the odds of seeing them swarming along the streets in the upcoming weeks seems pretty clear to anyone.


#4 Bienvenidos to The Space

The most outstanding and rumored show “Disorder/Order” of UNDERCOVER and TheSoloist provided the best representation of the spacy mood that will scatter various of the presented men’s collections. The back-to-back within a theme so on target as space and the futuristic societies showed up on Pitti’s catwalks in terms of stuffed insulation, matte rubber, heavy hardware and abrasion-resistant fabrics.


#5 Brrrr.. Awkward sneakers wanted

No need to get astonished or, better, shocked here. Despite the formal and classy aura associated with the Pitti fair, even #menswear can’t deny the omnipresent allure of sporty, clunky, ugly but (unbelievably) trendy footwear variety. From fashion giants as Gucci, to international up-and-coming designers, this is going to be the must-have piece of their collections. Brace yourselves for the awful..


Sounds like, once again, Florence had beautifully proved to be an endless source of unique experiences and source of inspiration for everyone who is craving for a taste of brand-new era.

Stay tuned!




Fashion and Architecture: the “Prada Invites” Project

(Hi Sara! Very nice! Well written and short but with plenty of info. OK to publish)

Prada is a traditional brand which is trusted by many for its consistency of attitude.

However, at this year’s men’s fashion week it caused a sensation, since for the first time for a very long time it held its show in a different location: a company’s warehouse not far from the Fondazione Prada.


Prada setup for Men's Fall 2018

For this occasion, the focus was the industrial side of the brand identity. Inside this warehouse, which looked like a surreal archive, guests could walk across a large forecourt, where each space was divided by plastic curtains and was full of big boxes and crates and metal shelves. All these elements were marked by ambiguous symbols: abstract accessories, mascots and recurring motifs.


But that’s not the only novelty at the brand’s Fall/Winter Fashion Show this year.

Indeed, as part of its Prada Invites project, the Milan-based house invited four renowned and talented creatives to each develop a special item by using Prada’s iconic nylon material, in order to manifest four radically different approaches that investigate the poetic, practical, technical and aesthetic aspect of nylon, as the company said.

Who are these four guest designers?

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec The French design team started working together in 1999. Their work covers a wide range of disciplines (from jewelry to spaces, drawing, video and photography) and is part of the collections at MoMa and the Centre Pompidou. These two designers were invited to revisit the emblematic black nylon and the result for this collection is a a large artist’s folio with bright blue and yellow leather gussets.

crossbody bag                                                Photo: Instagram @prada

Konstantin Grcic Born in Germany, he studied at the Royal College of Art in London, where he met two designers who have been fundamental for his future work: Jasper Morrison and Vico Magistretti. He creates simple and elegant pieces that meet a wide range of needs. For the Prada project, he blended clothing and accessories, transforming the iconic fisherman’s jacket into a functional, multi-pocket apron.konstantin bag                                               Photo: Instagram @prada

Rem Koolhaas The Dutch architect, theorist and urban planner studied in Amsterdam, London and New York. In 1975, he founded OMA, one of the world’s biggest architectural firms. His works are mainly bold and super-sized. OMA has collaborated on several occasions with Prada, but in this one he was personally involved to re-define the house’s signature backpack, which was adapted for city dwellers by Koolhaas.koolhaas                                                Photo: Instagram @prada

Herzog & de Meuron The Swiss team Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron both graduated from Zurich’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in 1975. In 1978, they started the Herzog & de Meuron architecture firm. Their items are characterized by experimentation, as much in material choices as in the way they are used to create a poetic and concrete style. They had already worked with Prada (they developed the house’s “Epicenter” store in Tokyo) and in this occasion, they used language as a starting point, worked on the fabric like a verbal motif to create a relaxed short sleeve shirt, printed with text.

herzog de meuron                                                Photo: Instagram @prada

For more than two decades, this label has set trends. And with this show we can now understand what modern-day menswear looks like. Prada mixes wool suits with nylon jackets, but also technical fabrics with classic tailoring.

This F/W 2018 collection looks like it jumped out of the archives: we can see a blend of iconic black nylon items together with new designs. And it really looks like a Prada renaissance.

Have a look at the video of the Fashion Show here: Prada FW18 Show


Prada Group – Prada Invites

Prada taps design luminaries for A/W 2018

Prada A/W 2018 – Wallpaper*

Prada to Show Men’s Fall 2018 Collection in New Location


Sara Saladino 

My Idea of Luxury


When I think about luxury, first word that comes to mind is the experience. Luxury is not about consumption or buying expensive things to be satisfied.

Everything luxurious is the “object of desire”. Luxury also means privilege with its uniqueness. It shows you the entire story behind it, with a personality that overcomes the price tag. Not only the top luxury companies, but also mass market brands can create a feeling of luxury in people.

Luxe is not the object that is fashionable, but timeless. It could be a high-quality bag, a well-made garden, or a meal with very good nutritional values.

As Oscar de le Renta said: “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.”

About me: Dicle

Dicle Altintas. I was born in the capital of Turkey, Ankara and raised in beautiful Istanbul. I just graduated from Koc University with a degree in Business Administration.


During my college years, I had an opportunity to work in a medical company as a business development assistant. I am fascinated with marketing and psychology and of course luxury. Then I had the chance to do an internship at Renault Turkey in the marketing department.


And now here I am in Milan at a Master of International Luxury Management student. I adore Italian culture with its unique architecture and delicious cuisine. What fascinates me since I moved to Italy is the concept of Italian design in modern art . I am passionate about contemporary art and travelling the world.

I spend my free time reading art and design books and travelling. I have tried sports from ice skating to windsurfingbut now because I do not have the time I am obsessed with yoga.


I  speak Turkish as a native language, English and I am trying to learn Italian now.

I found luxury at…

Luxury is ever-evolving, it is something that is becoming increasingly bound up in experiences rather than objects and possessions. This shift means that materialism is becoming less important, while time and enrichment are key. The new luxury consumers are those in search of experiences, luxury travellers want to explore the world in its exciting and dynamic form, they demand truly authentic and unique experiences.

Luxury is subjective and the more accustomed the guest is to luxury the higher their expectations will be which means brands must constantly monitor expectations in order for their idea of luxury to be fulfilled. Brands who curate something that appeals to the client on a personal level which goes above the traveller’s norms will be successful in the new era of luxury.

I found luxury at… Six Senses Zil Payson, Seychelles.

We arrived at the jetty of Six Senses Zil Payson, a beautiful resort from the eco-conscious luxury brand, set on its own private island, Felicite. We were welcomed with ice cold towels and refreshing ginger and basil iced tea. It seems the warm hospitality in the Seychelles is a recurring factor. We were then transferred by golf buggy to our private villa, set high on the cliffside, boasting panoramic views of the Indian Ocean – and not one single person in sight!


The villa was a retreat of interior design with unsurpassed vistas from the bed of the infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean and a swing seat in the bathroom overlooking the bathtub with the same panoramic views. The villa offered great privacy, embraced by tropical vegetation.


This property reflected luxury in numerous ways; from locally inspired decor combined with advanced technologies to the personal GEM (Guest Experience Maker) who is responsible for ensuring all guests expectations are fulfilled.


I found luxury at… Denis Private Island, Seychelles.

Denis Private Island, a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean, 375 acres and none of it off limits to explore. A very different experience from the Six Senses, more of a Robinson Crusoe retreat.


On Denis you won’t find a phone signal, there is no in-room television or WiFi — this is a total digital detox, an escape from the busy lives we live. The cottages are extremely private set in their own parts of the island, there is no island lighting or golf buggies; guests are expected to guide their way around the resort with torches and each has their own bicycle to explore the island for their entire stay.


Denis uses the storytelling element by encouraging guests to explore each and every part of the island including those which show how their experience is created. Guests have access to the staff village where you can see where staff sleep, eat, socialise and even join in with them playing sports on the landing field. Guests can also witness where their food is nurtured, grown and harvested. From milk, yoghurt and cheese to cattle, fresh pork and fish caught on the doorstep, everything is produced on the island.

I feel the idea behind Denis Island is not focused on fancy decor or the most modern technology but much rather around real food, real people, immersed in nature, allowing guests to disconnect from real life situations. This plays a big part in the new era of luxury travel.


Lucy Bunting


About Me | Lucy Bunting

Lucy Bunting, age 23, moved to Milan from England to enhance knowledge and pursue a career within the luxury sector. Passionate about luxury travel and lifestyle.

Option 1 Lucy

Alongside my studies, I worked in the independent travel sector where I was introduced to luxury travel. I was intrigued and encouraged to study and research further into this field during my first degree: BSc (Hons) Events Management. Following this, I was given the opportunity to co-create a business: Il Mondo Travel, rooted on firm family expertise in the travel sector, encompassing a focus on tailor-made, luxury and experiential travel as I believe this is the direction for any independent agency in search of success.


My role essentially entails a responsibility for creating and developing the brand with input to the setup and daily operational aspects. Not only has this position enabled me to gain valuable entrepreneurial skills but has provided me with first-hand experience within the luxury travel sector. Educational experiences include luxury cruise ship visits, for example, Regent Seven Seas and stays at many hotel brands including Six Senses, Raffles, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa and the Four Seasons Resorts. Regular reviews confirm the success of our engagement in this luxurious market.

Throughout the past five years I have taken advantage of the business skills developed throughout my studies which have supported me to set up on a self-employed basis and grow an enterprise in the Hair Extension Industry. This project has allowed me to utilise my creative flair with hair design alongside applying my business skills. The role demonstrates my self-starting nature and proactive approach.




Lucy Bunting

What’s luxury for me ?

I know the meaning of luxury is really different for each person, it’s a personal definition. Here is mine.

Resultado de imagem para luxury experience quotesFor me luxury is a mix of three really important things. The first is quality: when you buy a Chanel crocodile bag or a fine piece of jewelry  its value is never going to depreciate, you can pass it on to your descendants and it can become a family heirloom. The comes experience, because buying luxury is related to buying an experience. And lastly the environment, because the way you are treated influences the experience a lot.

No one can explain that better then Rebecca Bloomwood, from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, when she says: “When I shop the world gets better. And the world is better and then it’s not and I need to do it again”.

From my point of view these three characteristics cannot be lacking when we’re talking about luxury. Another thing that comes to mind when I reflect about luxury, which is a big deal in my eyes as a consumer, is the uniqueness of the product. I am always looking for this when I decide to acquire a luxury good and that’s what transforms the act of buying into an experience I will remember.


Fernando Lucas Ferreira