Milano Gourmet

The first Milano Food Week started last weekend, an event lasting 8 days in which exibitions and meetings are focused only on food.

Milan is going to become the Italian capital of food with its 300 events spread all over the city, like:

  • Week&Food: the parallel event of TuttoFood (dedicated to workers and professionals of this sector), focused on quality food, the fight against food waste and sustainability. The main sponsors are Riso Scotti (and its campaign #feedtheplanet), Coca-Cola, Amadori, Coop and Rio Mare;
  • Milano Food Week:  all the events in the surrounding of Via Tortona/Via Savona;

  • Taste of Milano: located at The Mall, it is the annual appointment with 80 dishes proposed by the major chefs of Lombardy;
  • Italian Gourmet: this event is entirely dedicated to haute cousine, with 18 starred chefs coming from across Italy, who are reconverting traditional food into innovative creations;
  • FoodPeople: an exibition dedicated to social changes that have modified our way of eating of the last 150 years.

Where are you planning to go?


Anna Bizzozero


Milano Food Week


Taste of Milano

Italian Gourmet


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