Jeff Koons’ Louis Vuitton bag: a real piece of art

Louis Vuitton starts a new cooperation with very important representatives of contemporary art. The French luxury brand unveiled beginning of April, inside the Louvre Museum, the ‘Masters’ collection, carried out together with Jeff Koons. This is the first time that is possible to buy a piece of the American artist for a modest amount of money. In fact, in 2013, his Balloon dog was the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction, at $58.4 million and Koons is considered one of the “most expensive living artists”.

18817e94e581b53913dbaacea7b47525This aspect give more prestige and desirability to Louis Vuitton’s brand image that mixes its heritage and its French allure with such an untouchable artist. Moreover, thanks to this collaboration it’s possible to buy a Koons for the bargain price of $585: it’s a leather keychain and it’s shaped like a inflatable bunny. This bunny is the most affordable piece of “Masters” the artist designed for LV.


Koons transposed the figurative characteristics of his paintings ‘Gazing Ball’, in a series of reproductions of the world’s top artistic masterpieces, on LV bags and accessories. The project was secretly in development for over one year.

jeff-koons-louis-vuitton-masters-collection-designboom-09Famous masterpieces of Da Vinci, Tiziano, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh have been transferred on some of the maison templates, every single one marked with the name of the artist to which the masterpiece belongs.jeff-koons-louis-vuitton-design-fashion-bags-_dezeen_2364_col_1.1-852x852

The collaboration with Koons follows in the footsteops of those with Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Yayoi Kusama, Cindy Sherman, James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Buren and Frank Gehry which have been involved in the establishment of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, inaugurated in 2014.

This collaboration is an important channel of communication for the artist too who said in an interview with The New York Times, “I can put my work on the street and this is a great platform of communication“.

Sara Russo


Louis Vuitton



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