Every creation is a Journey

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Bernard Arnault commissioned the American architect Frank Gehry to design the Fondation Louis Vuitton as a new space, opened to the public in October 2014, in order to discover contemporary artistic creation. There is a wide array of cultural experience for everyone including the collection, commissions, temporary exhibitions and multidisciplinary events.


I would like to thank each of our visitors for the personal spirit of discovery that has drawn them here. My most sincere hope is that we are able to share the enthusiasm that has motivated all those who helped make this extraordinary project reality.
Bernard Arnault, President of the Fondation


Frank Gehry’s Architectural Journey

Geometric curves and lines match the shapes of the garden and the twelve glass sails play with light and reflections of water from the basin in which the building stands.
The building is a constant interplay of outside and inside and invites the visitor on a walk through a space of shifting perspectives to create a unique architectural experience. The landings present key elements essential to understanding the building: its position in Paris, the relationship with the context, Frank Gehry’s design, the coach of the materials and the construction process.

vasselThis sketch, one of the Genhry’s very first for the project, already shows the general outlines of the building. The glass sails give the “vessel“, as himself describes it, a sense of almost natural movement. Frank Gehry’s sketches are genuine creative tools that drive the design process forward in conjunction with the scale models.

“I dream, I dream of designing magnificent vessel for Paris that symbolizes France’s profound cultural vocation.”

The Observatory of Light of Daniel Buren

The work of Daniel Buren is articulated over the emblematic glass sails of the Fondation. There are twelve panels covered with coloured filters set out in a staggered pattern and themselves punctuated at equal distances, by alternating white and clear glass stripes. The colours used here are chosen from the manufacturer’s range and the blocks of color represent the various functions of the building: galleries, auditorium, bookshop, offices, circulation areas, storage areas..


Inside or outside, from the terraces or in the spaces, projections and reflections appear and disappear and change and shift constantly, following the weather, the time of day and season. With a minimal gesture, the artist radically transforms the building, and to maximum effect, renewing our way of looking at its architecture and instigating a new approach. Without beginning or end, with no privileged viewpoint, this Observatory of Light is a work that is experienced freely, in keeping with each visitor’s desire.


Barbara Fabris


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