Damiani, a leading company of Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewellery and watches, celebrates Italian savoir-faire with a grand exhibition at Palazzo Reale, Milan, and the event is held  from 22 March to 18 April 2017.

The exhibition shows the main works of the company, starting from 1924, the year when the founder Enrico Damiani created the jewellery company. The project is meant to have a great cultural value, retracing the most significant stages in the evolution of Damiani by showing the most precious creations of the company all at once in a single exhibition.


The exhibition was developed between the cooperation of the Municipality of Milan and Damiani, and it is linked with the history of Palazzo Reale, that was sold by Savoia family right after the end of the First World War.

Visitors in Palazzo Reale can experience the discovery of Italian savoir-faire through the jewels of the company. The pieces represent a mixture of passion and skilled craftsmanship that the founder Damiani passed on his grandchildren Guido, Giorgio, and Silvia who have been able to maintain important values such as tradition, Italian craftsmanship, unique design, and creativity.

Damiani presents its own heritage in the exhibition with an evocative path through Sale degli Arazzi on the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Reale, which once house royal apartments. The history of Damiani tradition is unveiled through unique pieces of jewellery and masterpieces that receive international awards. The exhibition also shows some products created in honour to queen Margherita, the first queen of a united Italy and wife of Umberto I, who lived in Palazzo Reale during her reign.

In the first room, Damiani shows different types of products, each of them inspired by a decade in the history of the company and taken from the original drawings. The collection begins with Charleston collection that represents the 1920s, and goes through Cascade collection in 1930s, to move to the following decades that respectively are Legend, Tassel, Optical, Bloom, Tribute, Moonshine, D. Side, and to end with Damianissima, the symbol of the first decade of the new millennium. It is important to highlight that every piece by Damiani is still created entirely by hand in the laboratory of Valenza.

The trip continues in the second room of the show, where a setting of great visual impact exalts the splendour of the 18 unique works by the company (including Eden, Bloody Mary and Sahara) which received the Diamonds International Award, the jewellery Oscar, for their uniqueness of manufacturing skills, exceptional quality, innovation and stylistic interpretation. As a matter of fact, Damiani is the only jeweller in the world to have won this international award 18 times and continues to set the standards in terms of elegance, style, design and originality, turning each piece of jewel into an enlightened inspiration.

In the last room, visitors can see a different collection that is a combination between the goldsmith’s tradition of Valenza and the language of contemporary design, Italian history, and technological innovation. This is Margherita collection to whom Damiani dedicated a jewel in the early years of the 20th century, presented in a new interpretation. The Margherita collection has been created from original sketches and the origins of that craftsmanship which enabled Damiani to become the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoy family.


To conclude, the main goal of the exhibition is to present the relationship between the Italian craftsmanship and tradition that has existed for almost one century, and it makes Damiani one of the leading players in the jewellery sector.





Valeria Balsamà



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