The sustainable future of a roaring engine

Say goodbye to roaring engines, the smell of gasoline and gas station stops, because the future is green.

Sustainability is one of the fastest growing trends of recent years.

Even though luxury is a sector that is traditionally distant from values like environmental respect, it has become one of the most reactive to pollution-related issues.

That’s why many automotive brands are shifting from traditional Internal Combustion engines to hybrid and electric technologies.

Also, do not forget the new standards and laws concerning Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This new green trend is led mainly by companies like Tesla that made sustainability their ensign. Studies and surveys confirm that new technologies are the key trends expected to boom in the next ten years.

Anyway, sustainability tests and new infrastracture requires big investments and a lot of time, that’s why the more traditional Internal Combustion powertrain technologies are still considered as the most feasable at the moment.

Alongside brands like Toyota, Lexus and BMW, other big players are moving in this new market.imageshandler

Have you ever thought of an hybrid Maserati or Porsche? What about an hybrid Ferrari?

Some of these are just rumors, some of them are real projects ready to come to life.

So prepare yourself and get ready to embrace the green power of sustainability. It will certainly become a thing.

Giulia Ferretti

Photo credits:




Harvard Business Review


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