The Gucci factory – A look behind the curtains

Just one regret about my visit to the Gucci factory, located in a small town near Florence: no picture allowed inside the building. You could have seen directly the highest level of craftsmanship and the creativity existing behind the scenes. Unfortunately for you, the only picture made was the group photo near the Gucci sign at the entrance with my fellow students at the Master. Cold comfort, but better than no comfort at all.


Let’s start from the beginning. During our one week long study tour in Florence, we had the opportunity to visit either the production site of Gucci shoes or the one for the leather goods. Being a bag-addicted, the choice for me was quite easy.

Our visit started with the materials rooms where there are current and archive materials for the bags production. A table was fully covered by an incredible number samples, from all kinds of fabrics and leather. Just to mention some examples, we saw and touched skins of exotic animals such as crocodile, anaconda, ostrich but also the most common one. Some of them were particulary treated to experiment and make samples for the new collection. They select the best raw material, they take care and they focused on detail, far away from the production lines.


The second room we entered was the cutting room. I had the feeling that everything was under control: the pelts were tagged, identificated and registered to meet the guidelines required. The cutting was done by experts able to make the most of the leather so that the wastage was the minimum and the beauty of each piece was the greater. They are so skilled and experienced that it is unlikely they make errors in their work. In fact, before cutting noble skins, they had to spent spent years and years training and practicing with standard leathers.


Last but not least, the prototype room where the bags were assembled. We saw the iconic travelling trunk together with a special duffle bag made for a special client. All around you could see the imprint of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the brand since 2015: snakes, bees, tigers, butterflies, roses and peonies. And of course, the GG logo everywhere as well!


When we were told that the tour was over, I didn’t want to walk away. I couldn’t help but stare at the artisans working on details and ask them a thousand questions. I understerstood what made a Gucci bag a Gucci bag. The quality of the craftsmanship and the material is so high that it is not just a process of making bags, but it’s a real art of creation. And it’s absolutely inspiring.



All the pictures are from Globalgrind


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