The importance of being social

When Damiani met Instagram

Luxury is based on exclusivity. We have learnt this since we were children, professors have repeated it like a mantra several times in the last six months. But – there’s always a “but”. Luxury is also about desiderability, and nowadays one of its main purpose should be making people dream – no matter if they won’t ever buy anything. At the same time, social media have become extremely pervasive in consumer behaviour and the marketing industry, and through the last few years luxury brands have had to face this new and “atypical” scenario. There are only two possible alternatives for them: show their social attitude or (risk to) be set aside.

The fashion industry has been the first to accept the challenge and be literally rewarded for having been so daring. Just few examples. Thanks to its highly interactive website and the additional section “Burberry Acoustic” featuring undiscovered British musical talent and pushing them through Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, Burberry has hugely increased its revenues and sentiment from customers in only two years. Meanwhile in Italy, I would add a mention of  Dolce e Gabbana’s addiction to hashtags and viral campaigns, and Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram account followed by 938,000 in love users?

Now the Italian king of fine jewelry Damiani is following the trend through its social media campaign #PalazzoRealeDreamsDamiani to promote its heritage and the latest collection – an homage to the founder of the maison, Enrico Grassi Damiani, and the Queen Margherita of Savoy, in whom he found a strong brand ambassador. The amazing journey along the history of Made in Italy creativity and craftsmanship and the Italian cultural development had been anticipated by an event in Venice during the Carnival celebration and a gala dinner at Palazzo Reale, where the exhibition Un secolo di eccellenza e passione takes place … and obviously the posts of the influencers involved!

We students of the International Master in Luxury Management did our part as Millenials and social-addicted, acting like influencers during our private tour. Just a condition: share, share, share. Even if we had already visited the laboratory where the magic happens, we had the chance to discover more about iconic jewels we had only seen before in magazines and the goals they were born to reach – a promise of never-ending love told by the Romanoff collection’s tiara, a tribute to an era represented by Charleston and many other one of a kind pieces.

And that being Chiara Ferragni* could be very funny – yet maybe just for a day.

Are you curious and would you like to know more about Damiani? You’ll have time until 18th April to visit Palazzo Reale – the exhibition is for free and near the Manet one!

Alessandra Petagna

*Ed.: founder of The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most famous fashion and lifestyle blogger worldwide and also an entrepreneur.


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