Viareggio, Versilia, Tuscany: the heart of the italian shipyard production, with 100 out of the total national production of 400 made boats built in an year, will be the scene for the first Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous.

Held in an area known all over the world for its hospitality, arts, wine, food and high quality of services, it is going to be the new milestone in the boating sector.


From the 11th to the 14th of May this new innovative format event, blended with culture and creativity, will make Tuscany the place to be: the aim is the one to enhance the value of the potential of the yachting industry in a region where technology and high craftsmanship are mixed together.




On the wet docks of the first nautical district of the world, the excellence of the shipyards will host sea-lovers, insiders and visitors bringing new life to a positive and original experience: more than 100 magnificent boats of medium and large dimensions will establish the core of the contest.

Together with yachts in the water, the exposition path will be developed into 4 main thematical areas, dedicated to the boating sector:

  1. Tender and Toys: producers of technological tenders and other leisure solutions for big yachts;
  2. Italian Coast Excellence: a big offer of boating and touristic services;
  3. Superyacht Marina: presentation of the main turistic marinas of large size;
  4. Superyacht Equipment and Components: a selection of accessories and component dedicated to super yachts.

Other details                                                                                                                                         

As mentioned earlier, the main part of this boat show will be the events held both inside and outside the marina, with the objective of involving the surrounding area. For each single day, a specific topic characterized by an international touch would be developed: design (Thursday 11 May), food (Friday 12 May), art and cars (Saturday 13 May) and fashion and lifestyle (Sunday 14  May).

In building the program the Fondazione Altagamma, Nautica Italiana partners were involved, which represents the high cultural and creative industry of our Country.

Why not?

Katia Balducci, president of Navigo, stressed that Viareggio and Tuscany have a central position in the big yachts sector. The Show of the Sea doesn’t aim to be in conflict with the Genoa Boat Show, because the hypothesis of an exposition in Viareggio would be dedicated to the high-end yacht sector and it would be scheduled in a different time of the year, so to guarantee a further and more focused opportunity for the products of our district. It is important, for this reason, to first carry out all verifications on the technical and economical feasibility of the project.

Boats, yachts, mega yachts, with the allure of luxury and exclusivity that surround them, turn the event into a Grand Baazar able to amuse everybody, from the simple visitor to the sea dogs.

The presence of a lot of companies, the incredible innovations, the segmentation of the market in a growing number of niches and typologies that are looking for the different single tastes of the owners, like high performances and speed, are the main characteristics of the event.

May the wind always be at your back!

Anna Bizzozero



Nautech News

Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous


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