Rewop: a new fashion essential.


Eyewear is perhaps the most important piece of fashion accessory that one can own, It can change the look and the impression that you project to the world instantly and effectively.

I was at the “White” Fair during the Fashion Week in Milan and I discovered a very new special brand: REWOP.


“The only thing we have changed is the way to see something”

This is the “motto” of Rewop, name that comes from the anagram of Power, to underline Strength, freshness and dynamicity, that characterize the brand. The energy indicated by the word evokes a young man with bold behaviour looking to conquer respect and admiration. Rewop is a return to that audacity that defines the target: men and women who are very self confident, lovers of freshness and that want a high quality “Made in Italy” product.

Senza titolo-1

Rewop is an emerging brand that offers, with it’s eyewear collection, a very modern and young product, personality underliner, style magnifier and indispensable accessory. One of Rewop main strengths is to highlight and enhance the value of the eyes without losing UV protection.

Rewop offers lenses that can adapt to any light without hiding the look and expression. The frame of Rewop glasses is made by Mazzucchelli, international plastic leader, using innovative materials, impalpably light and strong.

They have three main styles called: “Capri”, “Panarea” and “Ponza”.


While I was there I took the opportunity to interview the sales and marketing director of the brand, Francesco Zeni, who gave me more information about these sunglasses.

How did “Rewop” start?

Rewop started with the idea of four young men from Milan, who wanted to develop something innovative and to prove to the world, and to theirselves, that also here in Italy you can create a new entrepreneurial activity.

How the idea of this collection was born?

We started to develop this idea after a long research; we attended several international eyewear fairs like the MIDO in Milan, where we found the right producers with the right styles, in line with the target we had in mind.

Can you talk about your new collection?

We have three main styles for this collection.

The first one is “Capri”, that takes its name from the beautiful island overlooking the bay of Naples, heaven on earth. For its elegant and sharp shapes it has inspired our last model, in 3 words: sleek, cool and fashion. For those who are not afraid to show their personality.

Then we have the “Panarea”, its innovative lenses protects your eyes without hiding them, with a stand-out look. Its bold style appeals to sporty profiles, and is perfectly combined with class and elegance, making it a versatile product which can also be adapted as optical frames.

Then, last but not least, we have the “Ponza”, it has a rounded style that garantee a more serious touch without taking away the originality. Elegant and fresh, it shows the willingness to be different even as reading glasses.

What inspired you?

We worked closely with our designers in order to adapt the existing styles to our concepts. In particular, in the “Capri” style we developed the design from scratch, we took inspiration from an old French brand, no longer in production, and we recreated a very famous style of the 60s.

Are you only in Italy? Are you planning to enlarge you market?

At the moment we are present in Italy, Spain and Japan and had already made deals with Australia, USA, South Korea and China.

Are you willing to enlarge your collection?

We decided to keep “Panarea”, “Capri” and “Ponza” as a permanent collection, but we are also planning to add another permanent one called “Vulcano”, then in the future we are thinking about creating some limited seasonal editions.

What are your plans for the future?

Our future objective is to expand ourselves in the international market because the Italian market is smaller than the potential of the international importing market like Usa, Australia and Japan so our future idea is to find some important distributing companies in these countries.

Senza titolo-1

I really suggest you to visit their website, because what they have done is to let their products speak for themselves!

Congratulations Guys!

Sofia Cozzi



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