Fashion for Women’s empowerment

In this last period, more then ever, fashion is merging with politics. Worldwide designers, stilysts and bloggers are speaking through collections, social media and catwalks to give voice to their opinions. In particular nowdays, in response to the triumph of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, fashion took a really hard position in favour of women’s rights. It is a matter of fact that Trump ran an election campaign based on low blows, chaos and marginalization and showed that even if we have taken great strides in terms of equal conditions between men and women, we still have a solid base of prejudices.
In this period fashion has had an important role because it is one of the most visibile industries on the market which is the reason why many designers are fighting to be the main promoters of this social issue trying to involve other people to be more engaged.

To give an example, Prada was one of the most important labels that has always encouraged a vision of a powerfull and confident woman that has to be not only protected in terms of respected rights, but also celebrated in all its shapes.
Furthermore impossible to forget the first collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri made for Dior focused on feminist messages such as “We all should be feminists”. (Not only on March 8 I would add!)
Also the Vogue editors in chief Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani always have argued for this critical topic through editorials and articles showing the importance of the female figures that day by day are making the history of our lifes. And like them, a lot of important personalities.
It seemed like a general trend common for all the brands, but someone made a slip-up…
I’m talking about Yves Saint Laurent, that recently has been accused of “degrading” models and “inciting rape” with the last ADV Campaign.

One of the pictures showed a reclining woman opening her legs, while another one showed a model in a leotard and roller skate stilettos bending over a stool. The postures of the women presented as offered to someone behind the camera gave the idea of sexual submission and with the only purpose to shock public opinion.
These posters sparked outrage and they was banned by the “Autorite de Regulation Professionelle de la Publicite”. They asked to the brand to make changes to the visual content of the campaign in order to preserve the dignity of person that, in this case, was really understimated.

 If the goals of the French house Yve Saint Laurent was to swim against the tide, for sure that was not the right way.

Still no comments by the company… probably in this case it’s better to be silent.




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