Midspring day’s dream in Florence 

20170320_112936_HDR(Hi Davide, very nice. I think you need a better headline, one that is more specific and captures the reader’s eye)

What a great experience staying in Florence . An astonishing city perfect for a Genius Loci. Salvatore Ferragamo decided that this city fits perfectly with its style. Here the company has its Headquarters, museum and Flagship inside an historical  beautiful Palace called “ Palazzo Spini Feroni”. This palace is located in Florence downtown very close to via Tornabuoni which is the luxury street of the town.

Inside this palace Ferragamo decided to create its own museum.

This museum is quite scenographic because it seems like a crypt full of products and samples related to Ferragamo’s history. The company also decided to create an exhibition in order to match art and fashion. So this place is full of incredible works of art that inspire great fashion designer as we can see in these pictures.

In my opinion this museum is well organised and the idea of matching art and fashion is good cause gives a great importance to art underlining its ability to inspire creative minds. I was able to appreciate all the works and easily understand the mood behind a dress related to a works of art . Beautiful.

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