Brunello Cucinelli helps us …

The endless debate of aesthetics with ethics has it roots in the luxury sector, and Brunellofoto-articolo-2 Cucinelli is, nowadays, one of the most important players in  this field.

Of course he tries to keep his company fashionable but above all with responsible actions and with the social and moral values that characterize the social responsibility that our parents taught to us. The entrepreneur’s attention is focused on the rediscovery of Italian places and of Italian handicraft.

Brunello Cucinelli tries to explain an important concept: aesthetics and ethics find their point of contact in beauty. The beauty that is defined as moral value, the beauty that for Dostoevskij ”will save the word,” the beauty that is the basis of the concept of dignity.

We live in a capitalistic society that has changed, will change and is changing our perception, and in the luxury word this transformation is emphasized by the propensity for excesses. Brunello Cucinelli has understood this concept many years ago and he decided to use the luxury market, with all its awareness and excesses, in order to promote and rediscovery a new form of beauty, the moral beauty for which the emperor Adriano felt responsible, and for which Brunello Cuccinelli feels responsible too.

He is considered as a philosopher, a beauty lover, but at the same time a visionary entrepreneur. He has understood what Geoffrey Chaucer said many years ago, that ”there is never a new fashion but it’s old,” old for the real moral values that we are slowly and inexorably losing in a society driven by unbridled capitalism. This “old fashion” described by Chaucer and kept alive by Brunello Cucinelli is based on human values and respect for Life.schermata-02-2457812-alle-16-05-03

These values, often considered too abstract, are reflected on real decisions and actions. One clear example of that is the reconstruction after the earthquake of the Norcia’s church.

Beauty and respect, ethic and dignity, all this value must be respected, all this values must be followed and preserved.

Brunello Cucinelli helps us, our consciousness helps the word.


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