Urban cycling is becoming more and more popular.

For some it is an ethical choice,  while for others it is just stylish.

This trend started with eco-friendly people who were trying to fight the pollution problem and in few years the rules of the street changed dramatically.

Today there are cities like San Francisco, Copenhagen or Valencia which are considered cycling hubs.

But don’t forget Amsterdam which is the bicycle capital of the world; the city is equipped with an elaborate network of cycle-paths and uses bikes as the easiest mode of transport.
London’s most fashionable ladies and gents are getting on two wheels too and the big cyclist commuters community is increasing day by day.


testo pix


Britain’s modern-day bike boom is about normal people.

The trend started with the early cycle couriers in 80’s when no one had heard about digital devices jet.

In the annals of British subcultures they were seen as the proto-hipster.

Now, according to the 2014 census, the proportion of people in the UK making their journey to work on a bicycle held static at 2.8 per cent.

But in British cities, cycling has reached critical mass: Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield all recorded an increase of 80 per cent or more in the number of commuters on bikes during the noughties; in inner London, the increase was a staggering 144 per cent.

Among what urban theorist Richard Florida calls “the creative class”, the bicycle is a potent symbol of identity and status.

More bikes, it seems, means more well-paid knowledge economy jobs.


pix testo 2

Cycling to work is positively associated with the share of creative-class jobs” Florida wrote.

Well, commuting in style, in the middle of crowded platforms and jam-packed congestion zones, now is easy.

Even if in Italy the car remains king, we are moving to a sustainable mobility solution: Bike!

And we are doing it in the most chic way.

We are masters in looking fabulous while getting from point A to B cycling.

Here’s my picks of the most stylish bikes for urban cycling:
The Trussardi bike, 2007.

trussardi bike

After 30 years from the first Trussardi’s bike, Milan Vukmirovic, the Creative Director of the maison, designed a new urban bike.

The Trussardi 1911 camouflage city bike is inspired by the army as the previous model which was similar to the military BSA Paratrooper folding bike.

dettaglio trussardi


Camouflage leather covers the bicycle’s seat and comes with two matching bags hung on both the front and the back.

The chassis is painted in the tones of leather and includes golden detailing on the kickstand, from light and other parts of the body. It’s truly a sleek and vintage-like bike that embodies a city-chic style.
Gucci per Bianchi bicycle collection, 1012.


bianchi gucci bianca

Gucci has launched two exclusive Bianchi by Gucci bicycles design by the brand’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini who highlight that now cycling is luxury and it has a price tag to go along with too.

The two bicycles perfectly carry forward the brand’s codes of luxury while creating a new cosmopolitan aesthetic for those looking to turn heads while on the go.

The bike is available in two different models: a white single-speed version designed for the city cycling, and a black carbon-fiber model intended for both city and off-road cycling. Both biked include leather-bound handles and saddles with Gucci’s signature red and green stripe.


gucci nera

In addition, Gucci has created a range of complementary cycling accessories including helmets, gloves and a water bottle for the ultimate in cycling luxury.

The bicycles are present in selected Gucci stores worldwide, including boutiques in Rome. New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. The bikes are also available by Bianchi Cafè&cycles in Stockholm; a new concept store opened by Bianchi that combines its bicycles with an Italian delicatessen.


Diesel & Pinarello’s “Only the Brave”, 2012.


diesel per pinarello 1


Italian fashion design company Diesel has partnered with award-winning bicycle manufactured Pinarello to create “Only the Brave,” a very slick single speed city bicycle.
It’s a match of aesthetic aluminum simplicity, boldly contemporary graphic and sublime engineering.

Light and versatile to adapt safety to all kind of urban streets, it is reminiscent of the American messenger bike in its design and soul.

pinarello diesel 2

Moreover, as with all Pinarello’s models, it is the result of a careful study of balances, strenghts and efficiency.

The bike was created inside R&D Pinarello’s Lab, where the line of the bicycle was studied together with the Diesel Creative Team and further developed by Pinarello lab using SOE system and analysis.

“Only the Brave” is available in Diesel and Pinarello stores and the frame design features are either in “Diesel green” or “Matt black.”








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