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March is the Carnival month par excellence, and in Italy we have one of the most famous, Venice Carnival.

If you want to live a luxury experience, Carnival is not the best date to be in Venice, because it’s full of people and can made you loose your patience, but the atmosphere as you walk between the canals is incredible.

I had the opportunity to live the two weekends of Carnival and here are my top tips of things not to miss if you go to Venice.



The first warning that I have to tell you is not to follow the map, Venice is more beautiful when you get lost.

The Grand Canal is the main artery of the city, where you can admire all the palaces and all Venetians with their beautiful costumes.

Take a private water taxi and feel like an actress/actor arriving at the  Mostra de Venezia film festival and fall in love again with this fantastic city.

Despite all these touristy things, I’m going to show you the hidden luxury side of Venice; first and most important don’t think about any other hotels, take a boat and go directly to Aman hotel, set in a 16th century palazzo on the Grand Canal and self proclaimed 7-star hotel. Also it is the place that George Clooney chose to get married.


After leaving all your luggage in the hotel, go directly to the iconic St Mark’s Basilica, to avoid the crowds book a table at the private rooftop of Londra Palace and enjoy the stunning views

Spritz and Bellinis are mandatory in Venice, so the best place to head is Harrys Bar where they  were created. Naomi Campbell once said : “If you travel to Venice and do not visit these place it is as if you had not been in Venice. It’s the first bar in the famous Cipriani  empire. Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Orson Welles are examples of the personalities that passed through this famous restaurant.

To end the night you can not miss the B Bar Lounge in Bauer Hotel where you can have fun among the best cocktails while you listen their wonderful jazz band.




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