Between taste and tradition: exploring “Cantina Calì”

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Hello everyone,

since in my first article I talked about luxury dining in Sicily, today let me introduce you “Cantina Calì”, an extraordinary place in the heart of my region.

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Located in Contrada Salmé, in Vittoria (RG), Cantina Cali is nestled in the territory in which the Calì family has owned a large property for three centuries. This area, that represents one of the most exclusive Sicilian micro territories (what does this mean?), is particularly known for its production of red grapes such as Frappato and Nero d’Avola, but also because it is the only Sicilian geographical area with a Docg and where the “Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg classico”  is born.

The vineyards where the “Calì” wines are produced are spread ove an area of 15 hectares of land, cultivated in a perfect and traditional way.

The grapevines instead, have a density of plant equal to 5100 fetters for hectare and this density allows to reduce the loss of grapevine and to improve the quality of the grape itself.

After this little description of the territory, it could be interesting to take a look at all the technical wines lines. Indeed, Paolo Calì winery is composed by 7 wines:

For the first, not for quality (what do you mean here?), Mandragola (Vittoria Frappato Doc) and Violino (Vittoria Nero d’Avola Doc) and then, Manene (Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg classico) a particular wine made up from the union of the previous two ones. Focusing specially on Manene,  we should point out that it was included in l’Espresso’s “Wines of Italy 2017,” where the magazine selected 300 wines and made a classification for its readers. In addition, it also reached the highest category in the rank of “100 wines to preserve.”

Then, there’s the Jazz wine,  made with Frappato and Nero d’avola, but with a bigger percentage of the first one.

From the harvest of 2008, the winery produced Osà! (Vittoria Frappato Doc), a rosé wine slightly sparkling and crisp… definitely my favourite one!!


Instead, from the harvest of 2014, Cantina Cali started to produce Blues (Grillo IGT): another grape ambassadress of Sicily.

And finally, last but not least, Forfice wine came to life from the harvest of 2011. This wine, a Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg classico, shows his particularity through its name “Forfice”; ’cause it reminds us of the particular ground made with sand, originated from prehistoric sea dunes, very similar to that of the sea. This peculiarity gives special perfumes and tastes to the wines themselves.


Forfice,  won “5 Grappoli” from the prestigious wine guide Bibenda.

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Thanks to the elegance and the perfection of all these wines, they are served in the most important Sicilian dining places, as in the “Duomo” of Ciccio Sultano, an excellent two starred restaurant.

In particular, exceptionally for this restaurant, the winery has created two special wines: The Sbagliato 2014 and the Schinca 2015.

In conclusion to my interview, when I asked to Paolo Calì what are his plans for this year, he said he will be present at Vinitaly 2017 in April, and he also decided to make a tour in the United States in order to further develop his business.

For the near future, he would desire to make a restyling of the bottles’ design and he would love to enlarge its wine lines, creating new typologies in order to exploit more this fantastic vineyard.

Well, if you find this winery interesting, do not miss the opportunity to visit it with the exceptional owner: Paolo Calì.

Claudia Raniolo

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