(hi Simona, very interesting! I hadnt heard of it ūüôā … Maybe you could add a line or two about how this “fits in” to Nike’s strategy or the luxury industry? I corrected the grammar so it’s ready to publish. Jennifer)

Have you heard the rumors of an exclusive Nike gym called 45 Grand?

In New York‚Äôs trendy Soho neighborhood there is an unassuming building on Grand Street that says ‚Äúby appointment only‚ÄĚ with Nike‚Äôs signature check mark.

Welcome to 45 Grand, Nike’s exclusive, invite-only gym.


The only real proof we’ve seen of its existence are the Instagram posts of elite media and high profile models (such as Karlie Kloss) with the hashtag  #45grand. In these posts they show off their personalized lockers and their sweaty post-training selfies.

Housed in a former metalwork shop in Lower Soho and designed by architect Rafael de Cardena alongside art director Jen Brill, the contemporary interiors promote the Nike brand philosophy: smooth, open spaces and modern relaxation lounges.


The ultra-cool 45 Grand is the top Nike+ studio. It is the most exclusive Nike+ Run Club and Training Club destination, open by invitation only to VIP Nike+ members and media.


Nike offers the opportunity to train alongside some of the most experienced Nike expert coaches. Influencers and active Nike Plus members are invited to join world-class trainers on personal “journeys,” where trainers construct workouts designed to meet each individual’s needs. 45 Grand also serves for those who are fashion conscious, as there are dedicated areas for guests to view¬†the current Nike Women collection and preview long-lead seasonal collections first.


45 Grand is possibly the chicest and most exclusive gym one could ever visit. Oh, if by chance you get to enter, don’t forget to take the perfect iPhone selfie with the #BetterForIt hashtag displayed in the mirrors.

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