Ethics: an endangered value that will never fall out of fashion.

In a capitalist society, driven by easy money, the values that for many years have established the luxury sector’s parameters are being lost. The task of keeping them alive is falling to people whom you would never expect.

The sports industry, over the years, is turning in a market that, at the highest level, could be ideally defined luxury: a lot of money for few people, superb quality of service, exclusive events and many others are the features that certify the landing into the luxury world of professional sports. And like every sector of luxury, sports are also learning to live with  excesses: millionaires awards, unbelievable salaries and aesthetic and moral paradoxes.


The elite few who are allowed to take part in this rise to power are becoming more and more like a modern King Midas, able to transform in cash everything that they touch.

In a reality like this one is quite hard to maintain the ethical and moral values that helped to bring sports into the hearts of millions and millions of people. This is not intended as a criticism to the values movement in the luxury world, but a way to praise the presence of people who are, even today, able to separate easy money and ethics.

A clear demonstration of this was given to us by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who fought for four hours on the central court of the Australian Open, without thinking to the cash prize and in the total respect of formality.

 Ethics is a value hardly associable with the global and globalized luxury vision, but the world and the market require someone who always keep alive this essential value and if Brunello Cuccinelli is trying in fashion, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are succeeding all over the world.

Andrea Pedersoli

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