Visual Merchandising and Luxury Market

Conceptualizing luxury is a complex task, since this term is not an immutable concept but has a connotation that has been (and continues to be) stratified through the ages. The origin of the word “Luxury” is linked to excess and to ostentatiousness. But forget the terms of the past …

Now we live in a society that appeals to the senses. Luxury nowadays is much more connected to the questions of “being” instead of “having”.

Material objects lose their sense if they are coupled only with the desire of having. This scenario of constant transformation and appeal to the senses that visual merchandising becomes increasingly important.


This is  especially important in luxury fashion, which needs to attract a customer not only for a quality and beauty of the object, but also to an atmosphere that a particular brand conveys.


Making the consumer feel attracted to the brand environment as well as desiring to be part of a certain “club”is the work of visual merchandiser. The way a display such as shelves and macaws are laid out and tidied up, as well as the inner environment of a store, directly influences consumer buying behavior.


Champagnes, biscuits and other goodies, good music, a pleasant smell, soft fabrics and well-dressed staff are very strong tools to retain and attract new customers.


Today, the fashion consumer practices this act in an increasingly conscious and less frivolous way. He no longer wants to consume an object by himself, but rather he understands himself as an intelligent and intellectualized person, consuming a fashion as art and as a way of expressing himself.

045899cf0922fd5e7cde617fd7205a5cLuxury brands nowadays sell a lot more of lifestyle than product, and so the visual merchandise is configured as a fundamental tool for greater and greater visibility in front of consumers.


Maria Júlia Cabianca




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