Reality is the New Black

An age of uncertainty. It is clear that times are changing in our world.

Brexit in June, the US presidential election, terrorism and climate changes are driving to an era of hesitation and worries. Even if you are not interested in politics, you can perceive it.

If fashion represents a mirror of our society, of course, we can see all these feelings through different catwalks all over the world during latest Menswear fashion weeks.

There was both a sense of anticipation and a streak of melancholy running through the proceedings, and not only because modesty and every day seemed the main preoccupation of designers old and new.

Every day” and no future. Nowdays, it is not important what it will be, but the present with all its changes and problems. There is an evident concern about fashion itself and designers such as Miuccia Prada prefer to “think basic”, deleting everything unnecessary: “At the edge of generic” she says, “celebrating the joys of simple human normalcy.

It’s not news that the Fashion system is living through a period of problems. Sales are not growing so fast and budget must be reviewed. For the first time, we have seen mixed gender shows like DSquared2, County of Milan and there will be many others during womenswear fashion week in February. At the same time, as we said, there has been a decrease in sales.

That’s why the main theme of fashion world now became Reality, with no excess, no provocation, just clothes ready for the end consumers: “No more clothes made for Instagram” (Angelo Flaccavento, Business of Fashion).

Therefore, Fashion is facing new and big challenges in order to represent a new society that is rising during a period of overturning all around the world. We have only to wait and to understand  what’s going on (during women’s fashion week in February as well), aware of the fact that as Bob Dylan said “The times, they are a changing” and fashion system as well.

Risthenewblack_image.jpgPrada, Missoni and Hermés fashion shows 2017 | Source:
Featured image:


Giammarco Stamera


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