A possible strategy for Alfa Romeo

(Hi Davide, as a headline I would put “Alfa Romeo should stop making mass market cars”)

Alfa Romeo has an astonishing heritage. They should remind all of us about it instead of producing a mass market car. The brand’s position in the automotive market is not so clear today because they produce mass market models (Mito,Giulietta) then premium luxury cars ( Giulia, Stelvio ) and a sports car (4c). They are trying to relaunch the brand but till now it’s not clear whether it’s a success. 

During its history, Alfa used to produce cars with particularity that you weren’t able to find in a German car for example.

In my opinion cars like Mito and Giulietta should not be sold by the company because they are targeted for a mass market customer looking for efficency and a cheap product, which are concepts completely different from a premium luxury car ( FCA can sell that product using the brand Fiat). Their struggle in the premium market is good but they should invest in a different way. I mean using designers that have made Alfa famous like Carrozzeria touring ( Alfa Romeo Disco Volante ) or Zagato and Pininfarina.


The premium market knows very well these famous designers and is able to appreciate them so it could be a great strategy to relaunch the brand and its heritage projecting old design in the future. Alfa could be the car to stand out from the crowd again. The point is to stop producing mass market cars, and with the saving of that money invest more in product design in the premium market.



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