My idea of luxury

A sunset, a landscape and good food. A romantic movie that makes me cry. Laughing with friends; sitting on the couch with my boyfriend – his smile. My mum and my dad embracing me – their and my siblings’ love towards me.

This is what luxury means to me.

Most of the time we are so absorbed in our daily routine that we forget to pause and appreciate the little things that make this life special. Beauty is all around us.Thus, luxury is the appreciation of every hint of this beauty. In other words, luxury reminds us to love this life, making the most of it, and what it has to offer.With the passing of time, I think that the meaning of luxury is changing. We do not search anymore for the perfect and unique handcraft that is beautiful but superfluous.We seek experience. We long for something we can feel, that is more than a mere object we bought.

Chiara Bellettato


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