Since 1980, People for Ethical Treatments of Animals, alias PETA, has been fighting for animals’ rights. Recently it has bought a stake in LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. The non-profit company will have access to the shareholder meetings of LVMH, and its activists will put pressure from the inside on the French company to stop using exotic skins in its products.


Last December, PETA incriminated the luxury giant – throughout a video shared on YouTube with more than 30 million views – for buying crocodile skin from a Vietnamese farm that mistreats reptiles confined to tiny pits and sometimes hacked into while they’re still alive and thrashing.

Moreover, PETA’s president – Ingrid Newkirk – stated that “From demonstrating on the street to speaking up in the boardroom, PETTA will push LVMH to stop selling any bag, watchband, or shoe made from a reptile’s skin.”

Although, the Maison replied that “since 2014, the LVMH group and its suppliers definitively ceased working with the farms mentioned by PETA. The practices referred to by PETA are totally contrary to the principles and rules of the LVMH group.”923b86c5-1d56-4161-a4b9-a1c127361de0-1568-00000195dc56b09c_tmp

This is not the first time PETA buys a stake of a big Group, indeed in the past years they used the same strategy with Prada Group and Hermès to fight for animal rights from the insight of the company. In each case, the non-profit association will keep going to pursue its main objective and maybe it will apply this strategy also to other companies… let’s see what happens!

Sara Russo


Louis Vuitton 

The Independent 




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