My idea of luxury

What is luxury to me?

Defining luxury is not an easy thing. This is why I would like to try to explain it starting from what luxury is not.

Luxury is not a material good. It is not only a high-quality product or service, this should be obvious, let’s say a pre-requisite.

Luxury is not something expensive. Could be or could not be like that.

If you can understand this, understanding what luxury is will come easier.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is my definition of luxury.

Drum roll.

Luxury to me means experience, it doesn’t matter what kind of experience because it is all about feelings. Something might be luxury for me and the same thing might not be luxury for you. It is something highly linked to the perception of the things themselves.

Waking up in a hotel with a wonderful view of the sea might be luxury, but think about waking up in the same hotel with the person you love, that is luxury for sure, isn’t it?

Stay tuned.

Francesco Filippi


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