Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras is an Italian fashion designer from Alghero, Sardinia. He stands out on an international level among his peers, because of his strong creativity and peculiar personality of his hometown. Due to his culture roots, the textile is simple and traditional but the style is enriched with original details.
Antonio Marras has always been fascinated by the world of theatre and especially art. He says Art for me is a passion. If I am interested in an art exhibition or a theatrical performance, I will always put my energy into it. Art for me is a source of inspiration, for its images and fascinating sensations.
He also collaborates with the Opera and the Festival of Sanremo.



The exhibition of Antonio Marras at Triennale in Milan

3-bisThe exhibition of Antonio Marras, called Nulla dies sine linea, was set up at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, from the 22 of October 2016 to 21 of January 2017. For creating a unique theatrical moment, the heavy velvet curtain that was keeping the areas separated was opened. The exhibition visitors became the audience of his show. In front of you, there was a dark vast space with a soft warm light coming from above, strange voices and music were played in the air like as if you are in a dream, Marras’ dream. At the entrance he installed a line of black jackets and white shirts scented with lavender hanging from the ceiling. That reminded me of the sea, lightness and spring time. There were his drawings set in antique frames and the walls were covered by stuffed animals. Along the way there were his sketches of his life, his childhood, his passions and his works. He said I live between sketches and mess. I made this art exhibition as an irresponsible, as always I do. They were very clever to put in order my chaos!.



A dreamscape

For the first time in my life I felt completely disoriented and lost in an art exhibition. The antonio-marras-nulla-dies-sine-linea-2016-exhibition-view-at-la-triennale-di-milano-daniela-zedda-2-480x320music, the atmosphere, the light, everything was a dreamlike.
The exhibition was a long journey through his childhood in Sardinia. Antonio Marras wanted to recollect all his memories of the past and share his feelings with us.
It is a combination between art and fashion, where obsession, chaos and unconsciousness were difficult to understand but captivating. Sometimes disquieting.

Barbara Fabris


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