Since hip-hop arises in the 1970s, the relationship between it and the fashion industry has never existed as prolifically as it does today. In the realm of streetwear, fashion has officially merged and the trend climate is perpetually influenced by fashionable “Emcees” and by their ever-dynamic sartorial appetite.


Karl Lagerfeld and Pharrell Williams

When artists cashed in on the world’s interest in the hip hop environment, they adopted a taste for brands with a clear aspirational standing.

Before hip-hop became the current look of the moment, the community was a pioneer of the high-low attitude to fashion. In fact, the earliest embodiment of hip-hop’s embracing an aspirational aesthetic was the interest in luxury labels such as Gucci and Versace.

Embracing aspirational fashion provided a sense of escape – much the same way making music, graffiti and break dance are doing. In this way, both hip-hop and fashion became a balm to the harsh reality of life.


Tupac Shakur wearing Versace

While the hip-hop market remained outside big brands visible advertising campaigns, its influence was no doubt acknowledged. It was around this time that entrepreneurial minds like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Jay-Z began venturing outside the boundaries of music and into the world of luxury. Hip-hop stars, their music and their way of life became the biggest vehicle to sell fashion luxury products. While these rappers were getting more and more acclaim and they were essentially discussing the brands they like in their songs, luxury brands saw a spike in revenues. All of that opened up a unique business opportunity for brands.

The merging of these two worlds reaches its crest in the latest collaboration of Louis Vuitton, offering clothes and accessories with the ordinary LV monogram plus the iconic red sign Supreme.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme from Louis Vuitton’s fall 2017 men’s runway show at Le Palais Royale in Paris by the blue-sky artist director and sneakers gatherer Kim Jones, confirm what we were talking about. This fashion line, that is clear, will be immediately sold out as the Supreme brand, emblem of lifestyle rather than fashion, is a habitué at the term “sold out” from its very beginning and, above all what has changed is the interest of Fashion Luxury Brand (with a capital B) for the streetwear. Now the mutual look at each other and the relationship is mutually interesting though, would be to believe, the genuineness that always characterized the streetwear risks to paying a price (You have two main concepts. One is the fashion show, which was or will be “sold out.” The other concept is the interest of fashion for streetwear. Does the success of the fashion show demonstrate the interest for streetwear? You must make it clear)

Starting with accessories, we see Louis Vuitton’s luxurious Epi leather, as well as a selection of pouches and waist bags. Small keychains, scarves, gloves, wallets and an iPhone case round out the collection of branded goods, which feature the signature LV monogram and Supreme hits. Naturally, the two brands also decided on a range of opulent trunks, which have traditionally been Vuitton’s most esteemed products.

The line is rumored to drop on July 17, 2017, at select Louis Vuitton stores, as well as from temporary retail locations.


The Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk ($68,500)

What are the results? A luxury brand ready to reveal its underground iconic urban brand that manages to enter in the field of the most classic fashion brands. We will see the results and the evolution. So far the hype is real.

Michele Di Stefano



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