Breakfast at Prada’s

“Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility” Sheikh-Abd-al-Kadir

Imagine a tiny place with a magical atmosphere, full of luxury furniture and lovely people from all over the World. Take a deep breath and smell the perfume of hand-made pastries. Open your mouth and take a bite of a both soft and fragrant croissant with fresh custard. Finally, drink your hot Italian espresso and relax.


You can enjoy all these sensations in the best bakeries in Milan, Marchesi and Cova. They both are in the middle of the fashion district, at less than one minute walk from one to the other.

Tutti frutti

The less historical one is Pasticceria Marchesi, founded in 1824 in the same location in which it continues to operate today: a great artisanal capacity and creativity are the main ingredients of the recipe of its success. It became known for its singular business of fruit confections, then they expanded its services to that of a proper serving coffee and refreshments, in addition to its cakes, cookies and candies.


In March 2014 Prada Group decided to acquire 80% of the shares in order to preserve the pastry shop’s historic values while expanding its celebrated imprint. A really interesting thing is that Marchesi’s family still runs the company under the supervision of the fashion brand, therefore their power is not so limited as in other acquisition transactions. And soft fruit jellies are for sure made following the real recipe of Angelo Marchesi.

Panettone for dinner

As I said before, Cova is not so far from Marchesi: you only have to cross the street!

High hospitality, craftsmanship and attention to details are only few of the characteristics of this pastry shop that during holidays is transformed into a bijoux. This is the place where you will see the laregst number of panettoni ever. Set up in 1817, Cova was the place where art and opera were mixed together with food and sweets, matching perfectly. Maybe also thanks to the luxurious furniture chosen: upon entering Cova, guests and diners are immediately enamored by an iconic ambience of unique charm.


LVMH Group acquired a majority stake in the café in 2014. In doing so, they would commit to preserving the Cova brand and look to develop its name across the globe. The French luxury group really cares about the surroundings of its other brands’ shops, and wanted to build and create the best environment ever for its clients.

Are pastries the new frontier of luxury?


Anna Bizzozero

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