While the fashion industry was quick to jump on board the e-commerce bandwagon, luxury brands have moved more slowly in relation to the growth of digital markets. In the luxury brand market creating the exclusivity, having the leadership, position and controlling your brand image is essential. Luxury brands fear that if they become approachable they will lose the charm and of course they are not to blame.

But big players are shifting and embracing the change and they are in to take all the advantage of this new market.


source: mapmode.com

here are the most key factors for luxury goods when they are engaging with consumers online. 

Inspiration. The fact is if you create the right environment for your customers, they will engage and start to react to the concept created. It is not very far from what happens in the brand retail store. Most brand start their journey with their shop’s window that is the website homepage if you succeed and seduce your customer at the first step they would click on one of the offer on the menu and start searching. This is the moment that you have to be at your A game, it is all about creating the luxury shopping experience. Choosing the right language is essential.

Personalization. It is the brand DNA. Make it simple yet unique. The practicality of a website is important, otherwise it is tiresome and confusing. The uniqueness comes from the details you provide for each and every product. Paying attention to personalization and adding the perfect content.

Custumizition. Creating the right environment for the customer, women shop through their emotions, so promoting the must have accessories of the season is helpful;l on the other hand men don’t need too many descriptions and stories they respect heritage and they require quality.

Communication. luxury store’s personnel provide assistance for the customer. The website should not be so persuasive, just the right amount of content, useful and resourceful.

Here is a look at the brands that are  ruling this new market better than the Others:

screen-shot-2015-04-09-at-3-35-26-pm  source: digiday.com


With Angela Ahrends as the CEO of the English fashion house, Burberry went fully digital in 2006 and became one of the first luxury brands to embrace the digital world as a passage of trust between them and their new generation of customers, the millennials. This is not the only time that Burberry puts its customer in the driver seat. For the Lunar new year the brand create a special addition line just available on the Chinese driven software WeChat so they can directly purchase gift for their loved ones.

With these strategies, soon Burberry became one of the most modern brands in terms of digital approach.

michael_kors_instagram_campaign_instakorssource: smartinsights.com

Michael Kors

Starting their online sale through Nieman Marcus and making a bold move with opening their online flagship store by choosing the right platform over a short period of time, they had 73% growth in online sales. Not so long after they opened 22 new online flagship store in Europe and expanding their already established e-commerce in North America.

Understanding the specific devices their customers use for their online shopping and developing their digital marketing with focusing on Mobile phones formats. 

03_net-a-porter_aw132  source: candidmagazine.com


We cannot talk about luxury e-commerce and do not mention one the most important luxury multi-brand stores “Net-A-Porter”. With No heritage and background story just through creativity and innovation Net A porter made us believe that is a luxury store with a great selection of premium brands although we never step in it.

Net A porter and Mr.porter are great examples of luxury e-commerce successful stories. With the right approach, understanding the market need, studying customer behaviour and creating not just a place for shopping but experiencing, customizing and personalizing the products category.

Luxury brands are becoming more aware and involved of the importance of having a strong platform in digital and social channels and it certainly did not remain hidden from consumer’s eyes. By paying attention to right way of communication and building a circle of trust with the customer online luxury shopping could be as strong as any other market.


Shokoufeh Emadi




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