My idea of luxury

My idea of luxury has changed in recent years.

At first I thought that luxury was just a mix of high quality, exclusiveness, and expensive materials but going deeper in the subject I changed my mind. During my travels I understood that experiences are the real luxury, they are something which will last forever in our mind. No one will steal them.

For sure we can not give a single definition of luxury. Luxury is research, is the chance to experience new routes, is the way to find new and not predictable or already seen solutions.

Luxury is imagination and the possibility to realize our dreams. Experimentation is uniqueness. Ideas together with creativity are the basis for innovation. From the beginning new ideas were considered luxury. Imagine the phone invention by G. Marconi, at that time it was considered The luxury good.

Luxury is also a mix of innovation and tradition. For example, when I think of something luxurious I imagine a handmade opera costume, tailored for the occasion, where the passion of artisans and tailors is part of the appeal. So we can say that luxury is a combination of history, art and innovative ideas.

But luxury is this and more.

Time is the greatest luxury. In today’s non-stop world every second counts, so spending some time on the top of a mountain freezing my face in the middle of nowhere is precious. In my case ski-touring is the most luxurious way of spending my free time together with the possibility of discovering the world with no restrictions and limits.

Everyone have a different idea of luxury according to their social status and possibilities, so luxury is being free to give a personal definition of it.

Lucia Soler


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