My idea of luxury

The concept of luxury is strictly connected to the specific culture of people. Every single person in this world has his own idea, depending on the country, on the lifestyle, on the social condition, on the economic possibility and so on.

Here’s one opinion among 7.5 billion – mine.

I don’t like general and theoretical definitions – experience is better! If I look around, I see luxury in the streets of Via Montenapolene (Milan), Via Condotti (Rome), Via de’ Tornabuoni (Florence), just to stay in Italy. I find it in the care and availability of the sales assistants, in the use of high quality raw materials, in a triple (or even more) zero price tag, in the hedonistic appeal to all the senses… But the list is much longer.

Let’s think about Hermes crocodile bags, watches by Patek Philippe, diamond rings by Cartier, women’s shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, jackets by Chanel. They are not just product, they are an example of exclusiveness, uniqueness and quality and they are surrounded by a legendary halo. We don’t have a real necessity to buy these product, but for reason such gratification or awareness we do buy.

To put in another way, Coco Chanel once said “Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”.  She couldn’t have laid it on thicker.


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