Defining luxury is not that easy.

Yes, when we think of it we think of expensive goods, cool people living the good life.
And yes, let’s be honest: many of us wouldn’t mind that kind of life. Would we?

But as soon as we have to approach a better definition of luxury we istantly realize that there is something more behind it.

As for me, luxury is the feeling of owning something with personality, something that has a story and something to live a story with.

I know money won’t buy you happiness, or love, or success. To me luxury overcomes price tags.

Luxury should not be mistaken for opulence and showy stuff, since it represents finesse, elegance and sophistication.

It goes far beyond the sparkle and the glamour. Luxury is an experience of dedication, it’s accuracy and manufacturing.

Since we are all different, I think a real luxury product should be like no other and have one of a kind signature characteristics.

That’s why I deeply appreciate artisanal, handcrafted, custom-made goods. They represent knowledge, analysis, details, the perfection inside the imperfection.

Luxury is uniqueness.

I know some of you readers won’t agree with me and still prefer the good life part, but hey, it takes all kinds.

Just like the luxury products.

Giulia Ferretti



Photo credits: Bulgari

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