My idea of Luxury

The Art of the Experience

Luxury for me is a state of mind, it is an attitude. It is a feeling. It is the creativity in advertisement, in the texture. It is the attention to the details. It is caring. It is how you are treated.

If I was asked to describe my personality with fashion luxury brands, I would answer: schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-52-32Moschino, Miu Miu and Blumarine.

Moschino complements the artistic and wild side of my personality, and matches with
playful and out of ordinary situations, my desire to stand out and be bold through clothes and colours.

Miu Miu is synonymous with grace and refinement. I am also a practical girl that tries to schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-34-21face every situation with maturity and precision.

Finally, Blumarine reveals my childish side, sweet, naïve and in love with pastel colours and princess dresses.schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-47-50






Barbara Fabris


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