Nowadays, for me, luxury does not refer to gold and glittery looks, it is no longer a competition with other people to reach the top status: real luxury is a matter of personal quality of life.

I define luxury as the enjoyment of the best that life has to offer, an endless supply of tranquility and the chance to embrace each moment of your life because every need has been satisfied. True luxury is unexpected pleasure above and beyond what is necessary. It exists in the details that differentiate an object, a service, an experience from what is average what is normal.

Luxury in 2017 must be strictly correlated with technological avant-garde and so technology is what is interesting for me the most. An high-tech house or car, the possibility to fly in space with a jet fulfilling the will of the human race to discover outer space, can easily be an example of my idea of what luxury is.

Michele Di Stefano

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