Privileged with the opportunity to travel the world and discover many countries 1017527_10203119363491083_1806549956769919212_nthroughout my upbringing, I have witnessed huge variations in cultural norms, social interaction, musical tastes, dining habits and attire. While familiarizing myself with the culture, my attention gravitated towards the varying portrayals of international luxury scenario in each country.

As a Communication student I have developed a fundamental understanding of communication strategies and this combined with my extra-curricular experience has enabled me to develop a communicator’s skillset and instinct.
I followed out a fashion project in an Italian Company called “Officine Creative”, where I could put to use important communication tactics and I developed excellent searching skills on the Internet. I was also surrounded by young and energetic people, which stimulate me on working hard.
I am responsible for the entire communication, print and broadcast, of my city town in Vicenza, where I cultivated strong and positive relationships with my team and with the community. I learned how to work with a group of people, rejoice victories and face up problems.
Driven by my desire to apply my knowledge and gain experience at a reputable global luxury firm, this year, I secured a summer internship at the Tramarossa showroom in Milan, as the sale director’s assistant. This experience brought to life the theories already embedded in my mind. I perform many different administrative duties, such as receiving calls from customers and organizing a plan of visits, monitoring orders, compiling sales reports and answering email.
Throughout this task, my peers and supervisors recognized me for my creative input and I saw my contributions being implemented into the production campaign.

Ella Fitzgerald once said “Just don’t give up on trying to do what you really want to do. Where these is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” For this reason, in order to achieve my personal objectives and becoming a successful Digital Pr of a fashion company I will be motivated, driven and I will strive for excellence.

Barbara Fabris

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