me-by-marta-copenaghen-october-2016Born in Spilimbergo, the city of mosaics, and raised in Bergamo, but citizen of the world at spirit.

I graduated in Business and Economics at Bologna University and due to my interest in the luxury field I wrote my graduation thesis on the ability of big luxury brands to overcome the 2008 crisis. In particular I focused on LVMH holding’s financial reports and strategies against the crisis.

I’m a passionate backpack traveller and always looking for challenges to push myself beyond my limits.

Over the last few years I have travelled extensively independently along with spending a significant amount of time in the same town. Through these experiences I opened my mind and taught me to consider things from different point of views.

I’m in love with mountains and alpine sports. In particular with ski-touring. They make me feel wild and free. In today’s non-stop world every second counts, so spending some time on the top of a mounting freezing my face in the middle of nothing is precious.

Lucia Soler



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