My idea of luxury

A journey throughout a dream.

Luxurious fabrics, high levels of workmanship, unique styles and ideas: these are some reasons I suddenly felt in love with the faboulous world of luxury.

When I was little I used to look to all the images of fashion shows and extremely expensive products on Vogue: something simply attracted me, and I didn’t know why.

Behind all the emotions given by a luxury brand there is a need to deeply research beauty, and to make people feel good with themselves and with the environment around them.

High quality products made by who really believe in the experience, companies with an heritage, founders and managers with a particular and interesting personal history, make a single customer breathe all the emotions of the dream simply buying an object.

A luxury brand should help a young woman, a simple daily customer that enters physically for the first time the store, to feel like a princess even just for the time spent in the shop, entering in contact with the excellence of creativity and personal touch of this world.

Anna Bizzozero


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