The definition of luxury is very very very difficult to find because of its complexity and many meanings. Luxury is art, history, tradition and something tells a story.

But for me is an oxymoron!

Firstly, luxury is abstract, creative, personal, subjective; but also sensational, emotional, limitless, untouchable.

Nobody has a single definition because it is undefined. Everyone can give a different meaning, but all of these will be correct thanks to subjectivity of people.

“It’s all about people. It’s all about subjectivity of what people love.”                                                                       (Joe Pantoliano)

Luxury for me, is my ART!


In love with digital art, I hope, in a future,  I will be able to create a business on this, to show how art can be linked to the luxury world. In details, i would like to launch a fashion campaign where my creations  will be placed in clothing, divided by theme, or like a framework in the head of models with a little reproduction in a circlet.

Here you can find the link of my space, please take a look:

To conclude, as i said before, everyone can give a different meaning to luxury, but the most important thing is that you should really believe in your idea and be really focalized in that to convince anyone that your perception of luxury is yours, and so an unique idea.

Nobody can refute it!

Claudia Raniolo

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