About me: Shokoufeh Emadi

Hi there

My name is Shoo-koo-feh. I’m from Tehran, a big city, full of traffic, crowded, polluted but with an incredible view of the mountains.


I have been living in Milan for 6 years though I learnt Italian at the latest, never became a foody and don’t get tan during the summer,  I can’t deny enjoying an occasional prosecco and a bit of gossip on a Saturday evening.

In 2014, I got my degree in Fashion Design from Academia di Brera in Milan. I like art and I live for fashion and design as I worked in several fashion houses as a designer right here in Milan and I gained experiences in creative side of this business.

At the moment I am attending International Luxury management at Gruppo Il Sole which is all about the business and managing part of fashion. So I can have a better Knowledge and give myself a broader platform to grow professionally.

Luxury makeup: a matter of packaging

What makes the real difference between a luxury makeup brand and a mass-market one? Easy: packaging.

Among thousands of cosmetics brands, there are some recurrent elements that characterize the luxury ones. They create a common thread – a sort of non-verbal DNA – which increases the appeal and desirability of a single product. So, let’s discover them!

  • Color and sparkle – A luxury makeup product has to be sparkling and eye-catching. The dominant color is gold which is usually associated with wealth, prosperity and glamour. The brilliance gives the idea of preciousness and sometimes the cosmetic is enlightened by the sparkle of sequins.


  • Materials – It seems that the heavier a product is, the better it is. This is because of the use of strong and resistant material, far away from the lightness of the plastic. For example, a foundation tube of Chanel, Dior, Guerlain is made of glass, while a mass-market one is plastic.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.56.26 PM.png

  • Branding – As well as in fashion, in makeup the brands with high appeal and awareness are perceived as reliable in terms of high quality and so worth the money. Let’s think about L’Oreal Paris and Yves Saint Laurent Beautè: they are both produced by L’Oreal Group. Even if the product inside is the same, lot of people buy the second one just for the name of the brand. This is a clear example of a good marketing strategy with the right testimonial, the right communication and the right channels. However, the main companies working in the fashion industry have been expanding in the cosmetic field (Dolce e Gabbana, Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Tom Ford, …)


  • Impressed logo on the product – The logo is not printed just on the external package, but most of the time it is also impressed on the product itself. Just think about the sign “CHANEL” imprinted on lipsticks, the double G of Guerlain, the classic Dior pattern on eyeshadows or the rose of Lancome on blushes and bronzers. These kind of details are not present on mass-market products.


  • Use of fragrance – Sometimes cosmetics products have a specific fragrance which can be a real pleasure for the sense of the smell. Examples? Scent of roses for the mascara Hypnose Doll Eyes by Lancome, while violets for Les Perles Meteorites by Guerlain.


Beyond all this sensorial elements, don’t forget about the price tag: to be perceived as luxury it has to be higher than the average.



My idea of luxury

My idea of luxury has changed in recent years.

At first I thought that luxury was just a mix of high quality, exclusiveness, and expensive materials but going deeper in the subject I changed my mind. During my travels I understood that experiences are the real luxury, they are something which will last forever in our mind. No one will steal them.

For sure we can not give a single definition of luxury. Luxury is research, is the chance to experience new routes, is the way to find new and not predictable or already seen solutions.

Luxury is imagination and the possibility to realize our dreams. Experimentation is uniqueness. Ideas together with creativity are the basis for innovation. From the beginning new ideas were considered luxury. Imagine the phone invention by G. Marconi, at that time it was considered The luxury good.

Luxury is also a mix of innovation and tradition. For example, when I think of something luxurious I imagine a handmade opera costume, tailored for the occasion, where the passion of artisans and tailors is part of the appeal. So we can say that luxury is a combination of history, art and innovative ideas.

But luxury is this and more.

Time is the greatest luxury. In today’s non-stop world every second counts, so spending some time on the top of a mountain freezing my face in the middle of nowhere is precious. In my case ski-touring is the most luxurious way of spending my free time together with the possibility of discovering the world with no restrictions and limits.

Everyone have a different idea of luxury according to their social status and possibilities, so luxury is being free to give a personal definition of it.

Lucia Soler

My idea of luxury

Personally, I find the “traditional” concept of luxury as something enjoyed exclusively by certain people to be extremely boring.

There is a new approach to the idea of luxury growing within our generation that shifts our prospects from acquiring things to acquiring experiences.

Younger consumers value experiences over tangible items. Millennials, in fact, would rather spend their hard- earned money on activities than on luxury goods. They’re all about putting a premium on experiences and finding opportunities to post a share-worthy story or enviable experience to brag about on their social medias. It’s the new social currency.

In the “traditional” concept it was more about the product and seeing the purchase as a trophy or an achievement, while for the Millennials it’s more about collecting memories and actively seeking unique experiences.

My luxury is focused more on my personal quality of life. I am not satisfied to buy what is sold to me–I have the need to see, understand and experience.

Luxury, in its new environment, is the enjoyment of the best in life.


Luxury to me is just recognising and embracing the things that give my soul some sunshine. It can be the simple things: a day on the beach, salty skin, the color of the sky, seeing a sunrise, the perfect cup of tea, hugging a friend, a wonderful book, chocolate, replaying your favorite song or diving beneath a wave.

From this point of view, luxury is any little thing that reminds me to love the life I am living, and to not simply live it, but to enjoy it because it must be worth it.

To conclude I think that nowadays companies should be aware of this shift and explore new horizons. They should obviously be aware of the product they are selling but most of all they should be open minded and interested in making a purchase an experience.

About me: Simona Grilli


Hello there! I’m Simona Grilli, I’m 23 years old and I come from Lazise, a little town on Garda Lake near Verona.

I graduated at Bocconi University from a Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance.

I can define myself to be very open-minded, curious and dynamic but above all I define myself as a citizen of the world. In fact, my biggest passion is to travel, embrace new cultures and meet new inspiring people.

I am also a sport passionate and my latest crazy passion is Skydiving as you can see in the featured images of me before boarding the plane and tracking over the Dubai sky


I am now attending a Master of International Luxury Management to understand better what’s behind this crazy huge luxury market even though, to me, luxury is just doing what I love.

My idea of Luxury

Luxury for me is no longer connected with having nor is it about what you show; material objects lose their sense if they are only coupled with the desire of having. We live in a society that appeals to the senses.

I believe that luxury can be defined as the ability to express the own personality, the own talent in a sophisticated way.

Luxury is something related to the will to live, it’s an experience, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind, it’s a feeling.  It’s what gives you pleasure – that which can make a person feel good, special and happy.

Maria Júlia Cabianca

About me: Maria Júlia Cabianca


eueuHi everyone!

My name is Maria Júlia, I was born on February 2nd, 1993, in São Paulo, Brazil. I’ve studied Communication and I am passionate about lifestyle, behaviors and everything that promotes experiences for people.

In my life I have learnt  to appreciate setting and a good atmosphere. As a typical Brazilian, joy and enthusiasm are part of my personality and I also inherited from my Italian grandparents the passion for the aesthetic expression and “Made in Italy”.

After different kinds of job’s experiences within the fashion industry, and other segments, I’ve decided to apply for this Master willing to enter in the luxury sector and to improve my knowledges acquired until now.

My main fields of interest in the luxury sector are design and fashion in particular accessories. As an Aquarian and because of my curiosity and openness, my life and interests are diverse. In my spare time you can find me in a circus, in a museum, studying astrology, or maybe surfing, if the conditions are good for using my longboard 7’00”.



Eataly’s birthday, where everything began

Once upon a time…

There was a man living in a small village of a small region of a small country.

His name is Oscar Farinetti. He came from Alba, near Turin in Italy. And he created the biggest Italian superstore in the world.

It was a utopian idea: “to make high quality Italian foods available to everyone, at fair prices and in an environment where people can shop, taste and learn”[1].
So it is not just a shop, but a place that would put everyone at ease and where everybody could have an informal approach to high quality food and drink.[2]
Before starting, our man received a lot of criticism by people who were believed he would have failed, but he always went straight on his way telling them, using Alba’s dialect, “A sun gavami ‘n balin” that it means “I took off a whim”.[3]

Even today this looks like as an impossible dream, but he made it, and now 10 years have passed from that day: the 27 of January 2007.

Just in 2006 Turin has captured the attention of the world because of the Winter Olympics, and one year later became the mother of Eataly’s empire.

Farinetti chose a former Carpano’s vermouth factory and, after an impressive restructuring work, he transformed it in the first Eataly, the company’s flagship site.[4]


And here we are today: Eataly is celebrating all around the world his 10th birthday and I am here, in Turin, ready to live it.

The weather is really cold, but no one cares. Everybody is waiting to taste the unique dishes created by 10 starred chefs, and not only, invited here from all over Italy. Here we have:

  • Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Modena
  • Moreno Cedroni, La Madonnina del Pescatore, Senigallia
  • Enrico e Roberto Cerea, Da Vittorio, Brusaporto
  • Pino Cuttaia, Ristorante La Madia, Licata
  • Gennaro Esposito, Rostorante La Torre del Saracino, Vico Equense
  • Philippe Léveillé, Miramonti L’Altro, Concesio
  • Luca Montersino, Golosi di Salute, Monticello d’Alba
  • Alessandro Negrini e Fabio Pisani, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, Milano
  • Claudio Sadler, Ristorante Sadler, Milano
  • Ciro Salvo, Pizzeria 50 Kalò, Napoli
  • Davide Scabin, Combal.Zero, Rivoli
  • Luigi Taglienti, Ristorante Lume, Milano

Each dish cost 10 euros and it can be combined with one of the 10 fine wines selected by the chefs.


6,45 pm: it is time to enjoy the Eataly’s experience!

Decorations are colourful and everywhere, meanwhile a group of musicians is playing.

The first chef at work is Massimo Bottura. As a lion in his territory he transmits a very strong sense of competence and professionality. He jokes with Eataly’s equipe before starting the service.

He prepared “Compromesso storico”. This dish is like Massimo Bottura: strong with a strong taste. A traditional plate from central Italy known as “tortellini con la panna”. It is normally made with pasta stuffed with meat and “pangrattato”. The chef here also added a little bit of sausages and added at the normally plain cream a little bit of gravy. The tortellini are boiled in broth.

Next to him there are Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani. They prepare what they call “Omaggio a Milano” which is a pasta stuffed with marrowbone.


Near them there is Ciro Salvo: for this event it is possible to try four different pizzas from his main menu:

  1. Margherita (with “Mozzarella di bufala”)
  2. 50 Kalò Margherita (with Datterini tomatoes; stamed Scarole, Taggiasche olives; Salina’s capperi; EVO; “Mozzarella di bufala”)
  3. 50 Kalò Marinara (with Datterini tomatoes; stamed Scarole, Taggiasche olives; Salina’s capperi; EVO)
  4. Ripieno bianco (Buffalo’s Ricotta; pork cracklings; smoked “Mozzarella di Bufala”; black pepper; Parmigiano Reggiano)


In the “ristorantino dei salumi e dei formaggi” corner of Eataly there are Claudio Sadler, who prepared the “Raviolone al tuorlo d’uovo glassato al Grana Padano e profumo di tartufo”, which is a type of pasta very thin stuffed whit raw yolk and just a snuffle of truffle, and Davide Scabin with his “Langaroll”.

Scabin, a chef that comes from the hills of Turin, makes small talk with everybody as a perfect host.

He made a fusion between a sushi roll and the classic piemontese entrès, “carne all’albese”. This particular dish is extremely difficult in the mouth, you can sense the different tastes of the singular ingredients (like the smoothness of the rare meat), but when you eat it all in once the different tastes feel quite chaotic.

Then there are Moreno Cedroni with “Tataki di tonno bianco, quinoa agrodolce, brodo leggero di Campari”, Tuna fish just scalded whit lots, probably too much, green pepper, and Philippe Léveillé and his “Non solo sot l’y laisse”, little pieces of chicken with lentils, that have the bad habit of covering all the tastes.

Moreno Cedroni is friendly with everybody. He talks about his dishes, giving advices on how to seasoning them.

In the “ristorantino delle verdure” corner Gennaro Esposito and Luigi Taglienti are very focused on their work.

Gennaro Esposito prepared “Zuppetta di olive Nocellara e mandorle, purea di finocchi e pesce bandiera anno 80”, a little filet of fish breaded with wholemeal bread and a very light olive soup, and Luigi Taglienti made a particular Lasagna with pesto and green apple, which probably is too sweet.

Finally there are Pino Cuttaia and Cerea Brothers.
Pino Cuttaia cooked a shellfish soup with too much bittes of pasta inside of it, instead Cerea Brothers offer a “Merluzzo all’Amatrice con polentina bianca”, another of the flag dishes tonight.

About the dessert, it is created by Luca Montersino: “Torta cin cin” made with different layers of lemon, clementine, vanilla pudding and a final base made by a sablé of candy lemon and pistachios.

10,30pm: the party is over and the bellies are full.

Now we have just to wait, and see how Eataly will surprise us in the next 10 years.

Margherita Clio Galli


[1] EATALY, Partners & Collaborators, https://www.eataly.com/us_en/partners-collaborators/
[2] PITTI TASTE, Interview with Oscar Farinetti, the inventor of Eataly, http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/taste/news/2012/eataly.html
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[4] FOOD&WINE, It’s Eataly’s world, http://www.foodandwine.com/lifestyle/eataly-world

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About me: Giulia Sala

I’m Giulia, 23. 162 cm of love for music, shoes, TV series and movies, traveling, red carpets, Formula 1, walks in the park, the sea, the sun and anything British (except for the rain).


I’ve always been a talkative person, and since I was very little I have been fascinated by the fact that people don’t speak the same language. I wanted to be able to understand what everybody was saying and to speak with as many people as possible.

I reckon communication is one of the most important thing in every aspect of our life, and that is the reason why I decided to attend an Interpreting and Translating University. I studied English, French, Russian and Spanish (even if it isn’t that bueno yet).

When I grow up I would love to work in the Marketing and Communication department of a company since I am very interested in advertising.

For now, I am attending an International Luxury Management master at the Sole24 Business School because I want to build up the basics I need to start my career and because knowing how to order a pizza in five languages is not enough to face the real world.

Giulia Sala

My idea of luxury

The concept of luxury is strictly connected to the specific culture of people. Every single person in this world has his own idea, depending on the country, on the lifestyle, on the social condition, on the economic possibility and so on.

Here’s one opinion among 7.5 billion – mine.

I don’t like general and theoretical definitions – experience is better! If I look around, I see luxury in the streets of Via Montenapolene (Milan), Via Condotti (Rome), Via de’ Tornabuoni (Florence), just to stay in Italy. I find it in the care and availability of the sales assistants, in the use of high quality raw materials, in a triple (or even more) zero price tag, in the hedonistic appeal to all the senses… But the list is much longer.

Let’s think about Hermes crocodile bags, watches by Patek Philippe, diamond rings by Cartier, women’s shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, jackets by Chanel. They are not just product, they are an example of exclusiveness, uniqueness and quality and they are surrounded by a legendary halo. We don’t have a real necessity to buy these product, but for reason such gratification or awareness we do buy.

To put in another way, Coco Chanel once said “Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”.  She couldn’t have laid it on thicker.

Lexus hitting the sea

What can be said about Japanese cars? In my opinion, most people will agree that if we have to describe them with one word, luxury will be our last thought. However, during the last twenty-five years one brand has managed to distinguish itself and design a car that can not only be seen as a luxury product but it actually stands for one. The brand I’m talking about is Lexus.


Despite the fact that Lexus is somehow a newborn brand, in recent years it succeeded in conquering the North American and Asian market. That is something that not many brands can boast about. What is more, Lexus is going onto the next level.

Recently, the brand released the news about its first Concept Sport Yacht.


Two years – that was the time needed to finish this astonishing project. Marquis Yachts the makers of Marquis and Carver Yachts has partnered with Toyota Motor Corporation’s Marine Department to engineer and build a prototype, concept boat with a luxury mission worthy of the Lexus brand. The result is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke 42-foot open sport yacht that applies the Lexus design language to a maritime concept.


In details, the result is – elegant, stylish and aggressive sport yacht. With its twin 5.0L V8 engine pulled from the RC F coupe, developing 440 horsepower each, the V8s can propel the yacht to a top speed of 77 km/ph (49 mph). The captain controls everything through a touchscreen controls that are available on the screen, including GPS, surface radar and underwater sonar.


Passengers are treated in total luxury through a cabin decked out in leather, glass and wood. There is also a lounge area with a couch and TV, and of course modern amenities like 4G WiFi. The gallery includes a stove, sink and refrigerator while the head includes a shower.


On the question “Do you think you will dive into the boating business”, the vice president of Lexus International Yoshihiro Sawa answered “For the Lexus Design Center this project has been very exciting. The effort is valuable to us as it stirs our creative energies and pushes our imagination to design and lifestyle possibilities outside of the automotive realm we know well.” He added “That is just a concept of a sport yacht so it will remain a concept.”

So, despite the general conception of this manufacturer of cars, what more surprises can we expect?

Hristov Georgi




My idea of luxury

Nowadays, for me, luxury does not refer to gold and glittery looks, it is no longer a competition with other people to reach the top status: real luxury is a matter of personal quality of life.

I define luxury as the enjoyment of the best that life has to offer, an endless supply of tranquility and the chance to embrace each moment of your life because every need has been satisfied. True luxury is unexpected pleasure above and beyond what is necessary. It exists in the details that differentiate an object, a service, an experience from what is average what is normal.

Luxury in 2017 must be strictly correlated with technological avant-garde and so technology is what is interesting for me the most. An high-tech house or car, the possibility to fly in space with a jet fulfilling the will of the human race to discover outer space, can easily be an example of my idea of what luxury is.

Michele Di Stefano

Photo reference: http://www.bmw.it/it/new-vehicles/bmw-i/i8/2013/bmw-i8-futurism-edition.html

About me: Michele Di Stefano

I am a logically minded individual with a practical approach to problem-solving and aimg_303 natural drive to see things through to completion. I have a great eye for detail, and I always seek perfection, so I really appreciate luxury and premium products.

I got my degree in language, culture and economy of China at Ca’ Foscari university in Venice and also lived in Beijing for one year, where I became better acquainted with Chinese lifestyles and habits. I am currently undergoing an international master in Luxury Management which is helping me to sharpen my skills and acquire new ones.

Having good communication skills and the ability and experience to connect to a wide range of people I can deal with various players in an international scenario.

My broad background could add great value to a business that will export its name, products, and services to the far-Eastern markets.

I am eager to learn, enjoy overcoming challenges and have a real interest in business management.

My idea of Luxury

The Art of the Experience

Luxury for me is a state of mind, it is an attitude. It is a feeling. It is the creativity in advertisement, in the texture. It is the attention to the details. It is caring. It is how you are treated.

If I was asked to describe my personality with fashion luxury brands, I would answer: schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-52-32Moschino, Miu Miu and Blumarine.

Moschino complements the artistic and wild side of my personality, and matches with
playful and out of ordinary situations, my desire to stand out and be bold through clothes and colours.

Miu Miu is synonymous with grace and refinement. I am also a practical girl that tries to schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-34-21face every situation with maturity and precision.

Finally, Blumarine reveals my childish side, sweet, naïve and in love with pastel colours and princess dresses.schermata-2017-01-24-alle-18-47-50






Barbara Fabris

My idea of luxury

Defining luxury is not that easy.

Yes, when we think of it we think of expensive goods, cool people living the good life.
And yes, let’s be honest: many of us wouldn’t mind that kind of life. Would we?

But as soon as we have to approach a better definition of luxury we istantly realize that there is something more behind it.

As for me, luxury is the feeling of owning something with personality, something that has a story and something to live a story with.

I know money won’t buy you happiness, or love, or success. To me luxury overcomes price tags.

Luxury should not be mistaken for opulence and showy stuff, since it represents finesse, elegance and sophistication.

It goes far beyond the sparkle and the glamour. Luxury is an experience of dedication, it’s accuracy and manufacturing.

Since we are all different, I think a real luxury product should be like no other and have one of a kind signature characteristics.

That’s why I deeply appreciate artisanal, handcrafted, custom-made goods. They represent knowledge, analysis, details, the perfection inside the imperfection.

Luxury is uniqueness.

I know some of you readers won’t agree with me and still prefer the good life part, but hey, it takes all kinds.

Just like the luxury products.

Giulia Ferretti



Photo credits: Bulgari

My idea of luxury?

Luxury is a feeling.

It’s what you wanted to be. It’s a lifestyle. Can make you feel how you wanted to.

This industry is all standing on what would give you pleasure, make you feel especial, different, and important.

It’s perfect but untouchable so we want it and we want it more and when we catch it, it lost its magic. So we have to have the new model, the premium version, the limited edition, that antique piece and the ultimate high technology nobody ever heard of.

It’s something exclusive for making you feel unique.

It’s for me. It was created for me.

Shokoufeh Emadi


My idea of Luxury

In my opinion luxury is uniqueness and the pursuit of beauty but on the other hand it is also
a huge business. There is not a real definition because everyone has their own idea of
luxury. Front my Point of view is uniqueness because if I spend so much money for a luxury
good or for a luxury experience I pretend something customize for me or for a very strict
group of people similar to me. It is beauty because this particular feature is in the customer’s
eyes when they buy luxury goods. As a conclusion, luxury surely is a business because
there will be always someone who will try to satisfy people’s guilty pleasure selling them a
luxury good. It is part of our nature dreaming luxury goods.

About me: Giulia Ferretti


Curious, imaginative and a bit awkward.

I was born in the lovely city of Rome in 1993 and I’ve lived there until I moved to Milan to study at Bocconi University. I graduated with a degree in Economics and management for art, culture and communication.

Alongside art, I’m deeply interested in the luxury sector. The fields that I like the most are the automotive one, fashion and jewellery.

I go crazy over handcrafted and artisanal products!

Come join this journey!

Check out my articles:

Join me on Linkedin: Giulia Ferretti

About me: Anna Bizzozero

Born the last day of summer, luxury dreamer, life seeker, I’m deeply in love with my mom’s food.
As a positive and creative soul, I’ve always seen life from a different angle than the others: you have to enjoy it as a gift and love with your entire spirit.
I’ve studied economics in Orange County, Los Angeles and Milan: the world needs to be explored, people to be met, different cultures to be known and I can’t wait to do this.
High fashion is one of my passions, because it really manages to make me feel like a princess..but a Ladurée macaron helps too!


Anna Bizzozero

Check out my articles:

About me: Andrea Pedersoli

img_9916My name is Andrea Pedersoli, a citizen of the world but “Made in Como.”

I am 23 years old and I studied economics at USI University in Switzerland. I have a creative approach in everything I do and I try to be always optimistic, also in the worst situations. One of my mantras is: never say “no” but, also to an impossible request, try to answer with a suggestion.

I travelled around Asia as a backpacker for many months and thanks to this experience I discovered the ability of adapting myself in every situation, and I hope that this approach could be useful also for my future working life.

I would like to use both my natural and learned skills to enter into the luxury world.


My idea of luxury


What is luxury for me?
I could say everything and nothing! At the beginning of my studies, for me, luxury was just something really expensive or just “high fashion” brands, but now I think that luxury is something really different and much more than this.
Luxury is not something material, you can’t touch it but you have to feel it. It’s an experience that only you can try and feel in a different way from all other people.
It is not just buying something “fashionable”, because everybody can have “fashion”.
Luxury is something unique and special.


About me: Barbara Fabris

Privileged with the opportunity to travel the world and discover many countries 1017527_10203119363491083_1806549956769919212_nthroughout my upbringing, I have witnessed huge variations in cultural norms, social interaction, musical tastes, dining habits and attire. While familiarizing myself with the culture, my attention gravitated towards the varying portrayals of international luxury scenario in each country.

As a Communication student I have developed a fundamental understanding of communication strategies and this combined with my extra-curricular experience has enabled me to develop a communicator’s skillset and instinct.
I followed out a fashion project in an Italian Company called “Officine Creative”, where I could put to use important communication tactics and I developed excellent searching skills on the Internet. I was also surrounded by young and energetic people, which stimulate me on working hard.
I am responsible for the entire communication, print and broadcast, of my city town in Vicenza, where I cultivated strong and positive relationships with my team and with the community. I learned how to work with a group of people, rejoice victories and face up problems.
Driven by my desire to apply my knowledge and gain experience at a reputable global luxury firm, this year, I secured a summer internship at the Tramarossa showroom in Milan, as the sale director’s assistant. This experience brought to life the theories already embedded in my mind. I perform many different administrative duties, such as receiving calls from customers and organizing a plan of visits, monitoring orders, compiling sales reports and answering email.
Throughout this task, my peers and supervisors recognized me for my creative input and I saw my contributions being implemented into the production campaign.

Ella Fitzgerald once said “Just don’t give up on trying to do what you really want to do. Where these is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” For this reason, in order to achieve my personal objectives and becoming a successful Digital Pr of a fashion company I will be motivated, driven and I will strive for excellence.

Barbara Fabris