My idea of luxury

The meaning of luxury is not easy to define, but according to me it is something strongly linked with the sense of uniqueness. A luxury product is something that set you apart from others, which is thought and tailored only for you.

Craftsmanship for clothing, shoes and jewellery is one of the fundamental prerogatives: there are examples of dresses which really give you the feeling of luxury for the way they’ve made, for the quality of materials, and the manufacturing behind the item.

But it’s not enough. Luxury involves a much wider concept. Today luxury means also special experiences, the possibility to test new routes, to experiment new things never seen or done before. Could it be a special vacation service, a special dish thought by an exceptional chef,or an amazing show in one of the most important theatre of the world.     Luxury means every kind of research that create a not common thing.

Exclusivity is the key word, something that is never allowed to anyone before.


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