About me: Denise Bocchetti

Hy everybody!

I’m Denise, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Naples in South of Italy, even if I’m half German.

1919340_10208820131805821_2706495829830517924_nI’ve graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at IULM University based in Milan, and now I’m joining this master in order to follow my passion for the luxury world!

In my private life I have always had many passions: thanks to my parents I enjoyed the possibility to travel a lot and to discover more about new places and new cultures. This aspect allows me to be open minded and to see everything from different point of view. Since I was a child I practiced classical ballet and, even though I now hung up my ballet shoes, I keep following my passion as spectator by going to theatre.

Last but not least, I always loved art in all his shades, from modern painting, photography, to fashion that could be defined a branch of art, too!                                                                           I also love writing, infact over these months I started to write a my own fashion column in a digital magazine.

So keep in touch!



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