My idea of luxury

I have a lot of possible answers, different definitions of what is “luxury”.

I have the one I learned at school, which was taught me at the university: “the luxury market is the sum of different sectors where the products or services sold communicate a style of life elegant, sophisticated, observant to the style and the quality and that touch many moments of everyday life.” A perfect textbook definition.

But I have also another definition, completely personal based on the experiences of my life, luxury is another world, where not everybody can enter. Is a world you can see walking on the street with your mother, but you can’t touch “Is not for us darling, we can’t reach it.”

The luxury world is like Neverland and I want to become one of the lost children.

I am a very simple person, I like simple things and I think that sometimes real luxury is when you can live a simple emotion, a little moment of wellness. For me, as an Italian girl, this little moment is when I can eat something special, unique as an emotion.

So this is why when it was asked me “why are you interested in luxury? In which sector?” I simply said: food.

Margherita Clio Galli


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