About me: Margherita Clio Galli

10252067_10203526787481145_9094475293132130924_nMy name is Margherita Clio Galli, I am 25 years old (even if I am really near to my 26th birthday).
I come from…well it is complicated…I can say that now I am living in Turin, a very beautiful city in Piedmont.

I studied Economic and Management at the University of Turin, and then I have decided to apply for the International Luxury Management Master in order to develop my interest for the luxury world, deepening my university’s studies.

I am a certain girl, I live the present looking for the future. I think to be also positive, I try to start each day with a smile (and trust me: it is not easy when you wake up at 6a.m. because of the train, but then I see the sun rising and it is such an emotion every day).

I am young and I have a lot of thing to learn, and this is the reason why, when it is possible, I try to do new experiences, and to exceed my limits.


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