My idea of luxury

If someone would ask me what I define as luxury nowadays, I would answer saying that luxury for me is a synonymous of: Uniqueness, Experience and Time.

Uniqueness as an expression of customization; materialization of individual desire and interpretation of the identity and the personality of each person. To distinguish ourselves from others in a sophisticated and unique way.

Experience intended as special emotions that a particular brand is able to evoke involving our past experience, or as the discovering of the most exclusive places in the world.

And finally Time: to enjoy what life has to offer, to follow our passion and to spend time with the people we love.

In light of these considerations I firmly believe that the perception of luxury is something related to our personal and unique life experience. Luxury does not need to be shown but instead it needs to be live and experimented. Luxury is made up of details; it is a timeless exclusiveness and depends on the importance that people give to some particular aspects of their life.

Elena Bruni


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