My idea of luxury

What is luxury? When people hear this word they suddenly think of expensive objects or services. Is that true? In my opinion, expensive is not necessarily synonymous of luxury. It is true that what is considered luxury for one person may be perceived differently by another person. Effectively, the understanding of luxury differs between individuals and it depends on the subjective experience and cultural background of consumers.


From my personal point of view, luxury is something that appears and that is perceived to be the best of whatever it represents, something unique. When I think about luxury my expectations exponentially raise whether talking about clothing, cars or vacations.


For me, luxury is defined by thorough attention to the details, meticulous workmanship but first of all is something that gives people the opportunity to live a unique experience in a sumptuous atmosphere: this is my idea of luxury.

Sara Russo



About me: Sara Russo

Hi, everyone!

My name is Sara Russo and I was born in 1991 in a small city at the border with France and Switzerland. I’ve always been fascinated by multicultural and international environments and in 2014 I moved to Lyon – in France – to attend a Double degree in Economics and International trade at the University Lyon III and of Turin.


After a semester of lectures, I applied for an internship in the international chemical company Solvay, in France. I worked for this company as commercial coordinator for nearly one year and a half. After that I decided it was time to focus on what I was really passionate about: the niche of luxury and its unique management approach.

Today, my aim is to contribute in taking the challenges Italy and France – my native and my adoptive country – are facing nowadays regarding luxury. New markets, more effective brand protection, disruptive marketing and management techniques, an old-fashioned approach on hand-made manufacturing combined with the necessary guarantee of the quality: these are the challenges I want to take advantage of.



My idea of luxury

The meaning of luxury is not easy to define, but according to me it is something strongly linked with the sense of uniqueness. A luxury product is something that set you apart from others, which is thought and tailored only for you.

Craftsmanship for clothing, shoes and jewellery is one of the fundamental prerogatives: there are examples of dresses which really give you the feeling of luxury for the way they’ve made, for the quality of materials, and the manufacturing behind the item.

But it’s not enough. Luxury involves a much wider concept. Today luxury means also special experiences, the possibility to test new routes, to experiment new things never seen or done before. Could it be a special vacation service, a special dish thought by an exceptional chef,or an amazing show in one of the most important theatre of the world.     Luxury means every kind of research that create a not common thing.

Exclusivity is the key word, something that is never allowed to anyone before.

About me: Denise Bocchetti

Hy everybody!

I’m Denise, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Naples in South of Italy, even if I’m half German.

1919340_10208820131805821_2706495829830517924_nI’ve graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at IULM University based in Milan, and now I’m joining this master in order to follow my passion for the luxury world!

In my private life I have always had many passions: thanks to my parents I enjoyed the possibility to travel a lot and to discover more about new places and new cultures. This aspect allows me to be open minded and to see everything from different point of view. Since I was a child I practiced classical ballet and, even though I now hung up my ballet shoes, I keep following my passion as spectator by going to theatre.

Last but not least, I always loved art in all his shades, from modern painting, photography, to fashion that could be defined a branch of art, too!                                                                           I also love writing, infact over these months I started to write a my own fashion column in a digital magazine.

So keep in touch!


My idea of luxury

In my personal opinion, there is not a single definition of luxury, which actually involves a lot of things as we can find luxury on a daily basis, such as in a piece of cloth, in an exciting experience of travelling abroad or driving a high-speed car and so on. Luxury can be a notion that draws inspiration from daily life, and overall, its most interesting aspect is how it creates its own beauty out of nowhere, and also, its attention to detail throughout the whole creative process of a start-up idea. In particular, the luxury industry is always working on the perfection of a new product which leads to its outstanding beauty. Moreover, the concept of luxury can be perceived as a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world in which we live, and also a way of measuring a mood that can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially and even psychologically. Indeed, it can be seen as a mirror of sorts on society, a fascinating world that helps us understand people who belong to different cultures. I do believe luxury is a process of expressing ideas and feelings, and in brief, it is a communication system that, if understood, makes differences coexist between countries.

My idea of luxury

I have a lot of possible answers, different definitions of what is “luxury”.

I have the one I learned at school, which was taught me at the university: “the luxury market is the sum of different sectors where the products or services sold communicate a style of life elegant, sophisticated, observant to the style and the quality and that touch many moments of everyday life.” A perfect textbook definition.

But I have also another definition, completely personal based on the experiences of my life, luxury is another world, where not everybody can enter. Is a world you can see walking on the street with your mother, but you can’t touch “Is not for us darling, we can’t reach it.”

The luxury world is like Neverland and I want to become one of the lost children.

I am a very simple person, I like simple things and I think that sometimes real luxury is when you can live a simple emotion, a little moment of wellness. For me, as an Italian girl, this little moment is when I can eat something special, unique as an emotion.

So this is why when it was asked me “why are you interested in luxury? In which sector?” I simply said: food.

Margherita Clio Galli

About me: Margherita Clio Galli

10252067_10203526787481145_9094475293132130924_nMy name is Margherita Clio Galli, I am 25 years old (even if I am really near to my 26th birthday).
I come from…well it is complicated…I can say that now I am living in Turin, a very beautiful city in Piedmont.

I studied Economic and Management at the University of Turin, and then I have decided to apply for the International Luxury Management Master in order to develop my interest for the luxury world, deepening my university’s studies.

I am a certain girl, I live the present looking for the future. I think to be also positive, I try to start each day with a smile (and trust me: it is not easy when you wake up at 6a.m. because of the train, but then I see the sun rising and it is such an emotion every day).

I am young and I have a lot of thing to learn, and this is the reason why, when it is possible, I try to do new experiences, and to exceed my limits.

My idea of luxury

In my opinion, the real beauty behind luxury lies not on the surface but deep inside. A point of view that is more about what you hide, than what you show. It is not just about possessing a thing. It is also about understanding and appreciating its qualities, both external and internal. An object that can be appreciated, which brings us pleasure and help us to connect – to the world, to other people, to ourselves. That is what luxury to me is.

Hristov Georgi

My idea of luxury

If someone would ask me what I define as luxury nowadays, I would answer saying that luxury for me is a synonymous of: Uniqueness, Experience and Time.

Uniqueness as an expression of customization; materialization of individual desire and interpretation of the identity and the personality of each person. To distinguish ourselves from others in a sophisticated and unique way.

Experience intended as special emotions that a particular brand is able to evoke involving our past experience, or as the discovering of the most exclusive places in the world.

And finally Time: to enjoy what life has to offer, to follow our passion and to spend time with the people we love.

In light of these considerations I firmly believe that the perception of luxury is something related to our personal and unique life experience. Luxury does not need to be shown but instead it needs to be live and experimented. Luxury is made up of details; it is a timeless exclusiveness and depends on the importance that people give to some particular aspects of their life.

Elena Bruni

About me: Stefano Re


My name is Stefano Re and I’m 23. I’m from the north suburbs of Milano and I graduated in Languages and foreign Literatures at Università degli Studi.

Thanks to some academic experiences abroad I am strongly interested in international relations and I hope to exploit and develop my knowledge in order to succeed in the luxury sector. I do really believe in the strength of Made in Italy, in the knowledge, the tradition heritage and the gusto that built the image of our great manufacturers.

I am a fan of watches but I’m also interested in leather goods, food & beverage, hotellerie and jewels. I hope that this Master course will help me understand better the luxury market and define my path and vocation in the area of Made in Italy excellence.


About me: Elena Bruni

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  

Mark Twain

This quote, perfectly suits with my philosophy of life

Born and raised in Padua 25 years ago, I would define myself as a very optimistic and open minded person; moved by a great curiosity and a strong ambition that has always pushed me to go beyond my limits, looking for new challenging experiences.

Graduated with a degree in Communication at the University of Padua, I then earned my Master’s degree in International Management at Ca’ Foscari University. Moreover, considering my attitude towards the discovery of new cultures and my love for foreign languages, I grasped the opportunity to live in Madrid and Seoul thanks to some exchange programs.


Globetrotter and Social Media addicted by nature, my passion for fashion and luxury has grown when I worked for Calzedonia and Gucci. And these experiences are what have  inspired me to attend this Master with the aim to find my path in this world and to achieve a deeper specialization within this exciting and dynamic field.